Holiday Highlights

First off, as the holiday season is fast approaching, we've put together a collection of our favorite Holiday Highlights . Here's where you'll find everything from our best-selling and most popular Christmas gift ideas ... to a whole bunch of fun yet practical stocking-stuffers, to all those much-loved holiday stories for kids and adults alike. Tired of busy malls and long lines at the cash register? Think you need a personal shopping assistant? Or just worried about what to get that person who seems to have everything? Let our selections of popular Christmas gifts help you with fresh new ideas!

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"Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays!
Because, no matter how far away you roam,
If you want to be happy in a million ways for the holidays,
You can't beat home, sweet home ..."
From silver bells to homemade pumpkin pie, Christmas brings with it fond recollections of holidays gone by, and countless chances for new memories that will last a lifetime.

Our gift to you is a special selection of our favorite holiday items, organized in one easy place. From small stocking-stuffers to time-honored Christmas tales, you're sure to find the perfect little something right here to help celebrate the season with your family and friends.

Whether you're a nine-year-old boy, or a grandma with 9 grandchildren, there's nothing quite like receiving a Christmas card from a loved one which you can read all by yourself. And now, with our brand-new Braille Christmas Cards, giving that special gift to anyone has never been easier!

We recommend a Braille Holiday Card for folks who want to give the gift of Christmas cheer to someone who doesn't know the Lord.

However, a Braille Christmas Card is the perfect choice for friends and family who appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.

So this is Christmas! And in amongst the happy carols and frosty snowmen, it has been our joy to provide countless holiday shoppers with that special gift just in time for the big day. Over the years, we've sent thousands of presents to homes throughout the fifty states, across the country, and around the world, to gladden the hearts of loved ones each Christmas morning.

This year, we'd like to let you in on a little secret. You see, we've noticed a trend or two over the past decade - certain items that folks are always looking for. The below list shows you our top-twelve most popular gifts of all time, tried and true surprises for all ages and interests. Some of them sell all year round. Some of them are only sought after in December. But all of them make beautiful gifts that will be cherished for months and years to come.

- Braille Music Card
A Singing Greeting Card Brailled with Your Message
Item Number: 1000
Available Designs: Happy Birthday, Birthday Kid, or Merry Christmas
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- The Velveteen Rabbit, Braille Board Book
by Kimberly Kass. Based on the classic Christmas tale by Margery Williams, this simplified version retells the beloved story of the velveteen rabbit for the youngest of readers. Toddlers will marvel at how a little boy...
Item Number: 5012
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- Classic Talking Watch
Affordable Tried-and-True Model with Clear Voice
Item Number: 1001
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- Talking Table Clock
Back to Simplicity - Loud Speech, Large Display
Item Number: 1015
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- Talking Calendar Clock
One Button, Circle Shaped, Male Voice, Loud Speech
Item Number: 1386
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- Talking Timer Clock
Sticks to Your Fridge; Has Built-In Talking Clock
Item Number: 1032
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- Braille Flash Cards
Set of Over 100 Cards - Fun Way to Learn Braille
Item Number: 1335
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- Handheld Braille Labeler
Label Anything in Braille - It's Fast and Easy
Item Number: 1119
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- Full-Page Slate, Letter-Size
25 Lines, 28 Cells--Braille a Whole Page in One Go
Item Number: 1087
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- Chess Set, Classic (Tactile)
Temporarily out of stock. Usually ships in September 2017.
Dot on White Men, Pieces Fit Snugly into Board
Item Number: 1238
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- Beeping Frisbee
Soft Foam Frisbee - Which Beeps at All Times
Item Number: 1274
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- Bell Soccer Ball
A Quality Soccer Ball - With Jingling Bells Inside
Item Number: 1275
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- Raised-Line Drawing Board
Make Tactile Pictures with a Regular Pen and Paper
Item Number: 1292
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- Double-Six Dominoes, Plastic (With Raised Dots)
28 Dominoes with Raised Dots and No-Skid Surface
Item Number: 1232
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- Braille Uno Cards
The Much-Loved Family Card Game, in a Plastic Case
Item Number: 1217
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Now, here is a small sampling of some dollar-store type items. They're perfect for filling up the toe of that old stocking, great little gifts for all the "kids" (young and old) in your family.

- Talking Keychain Clock
The Ultimate Talking Pocket Watch
Item Number: 1012
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- Braille Playing Cards, Plastic
Washable and Durable--with Large-Print and Braille
Item Number: 1212
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- Pocket Money Brailler
Clips on Your Keychain, Marks Bills in Seconds
Item Number: 1148
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- Tactile Turn-a-Cube
Colored Plastic Cube with Matching Raised Shapes
Item Number: 1394
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- Business Card Slate
4 Lines, 12 Cells - With Signature Guide Slot
Item Number: 1103
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- Liquid Level Indicator
No More Burnt Fingers, Beeps When Cup is Full
Item Number: 1034
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- Plastic Dice (With Raised Dots)
Pair of Tactile Dice with Raised, Black Dots
Item Number: 1229
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- Braille Letter Keychain
Temporarily out of stock. Usually ships in September 2017.
Twist the Cube to Make Different Braille Letters
Item Number: 1260
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- Keychain Magnifier
5X, 1D: Really Handy Model, Fits Right on Keychain
Item Number: 1163
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- Kids Braille Wristband
Cool Silicone Bracelet, Small Size for Kids
Item Number: 1311
Available Messages: Best Friends, COOL, God Loves You, I Feel Lucky, No Doubt, Social Butterfly, Braille is Cool, Alphabet, or the Entire Set (for $9.95)
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- Large Braille Wristband
Popular Silicone Bracelet, for Youths and Adults
Item Number: 1312
Available Messages: Believe, Dream, Friendship, Jesus is the Light, Make a Difference, One World, Braille is Best, Alphabet, or the Entire Set (for $9.95)
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- Braille Keychain
Sturdy Metal Keychain with Braille and Print Word
Item Number: 1313
Available Words: Love, Live, Peace, Hope, Faith, Jesus, or the Entire Set (for $24.95)
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- Braille Pocket Token
Unique Coin with Raised Picture and Braille Word
Item Number: 1314
Available Words: Friend, Love, Faith, Lord, or the Entire Set (for $6.95)
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- Braille Letter Opener
Adorible, Cat-Shaped Handle, Saying Keep in Touch
Item Number: 1315
Available Styles: Keep in Touch, or Best Friend
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- Braille Chocolate Mold
Make Your Own Braille Chocolate Cards
Item Number: 1316
Available Messages: Happy Birthday and Love You, Have a Nice Day and Thank You, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, or the Entire Set (for $12.95)
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