Liquid Level Indicator

No More Burnt Fingers, Beeps When Cup is Full
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Product Features

  • Gives an instant alert as soon as the mug, pot, or jar is close to full.
  • Beeps warn you to pour slowly, and steady beep tone alerts you to stop.
  • Small, pocket-sized and durable.
  • Made of bright-orange plastic.
  • Package Weight: about 2.8 ounces.

Product Description

This small, pocket-sized gadget really comes in handy for anyone with low vision. Just place it on the rim of a mug, pour in the hot coffee, and wait for the beep tone to sound. This durable, orange-colored item means you don't have to tell when to stop filling the cup by hooking your finger over the rim ... and thus burning your fingertip. It's also a great item to have when you're entertaining guests; it eliminates the embarrassment of overfilling cups of coffee, tea or juice.

Whether you're measuring hot water, pouring a cup of milk, or filling a glass with juice or pop, our Liquid Level Indicator makes the task easy and sanitary. Simply hook the device over the rim of a cup or pot. The prongs will hold the device in place, and the indicator is so light it won't tip even small cups over. Pour until the unit beeps quickly, (telling you the liquid is getting close to the top). Fill carefully until the beep tone steadies, (warning you the liquid is within an inch of the top), then stop pouring and serve. That's it! Takes two AAA batteries, included and freshly installed.

Product Directions

Directions for the Liquid Level Indicator From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Yes, that small, orange, plastic box with the pokey prongs is your new Liquid Level Indicator. Here's how it works.

First, slide two AAA batteries into the bottom of the indicator. Now, grab a glass, and hang the device on the rim, with both prongs reaching down into the cup. Just like you'd hook your finger over the cup, only it's a bit more ... well ... civilized.

Now, try pouring your first drink. You'll notice if you're pouring something really hot that the steam will cause the indicator to chirp a bit. Never mind that. You're listening for the steady tone that tells you the probes have detected liquid. ... There, the liquid is now within an inch of the top. Stop pouring, pull off the indicator, and enjoy. But wait ... don't forget to pour a few glasses of juice for your friends first. They'd really appreciate it on a hot day in summer. But they'll think your new gismo is pretty cool, too. Then wipe it off with a damp cloth, and toss it into the cupboard next to the cups.

Remember, it's small for a reason. If you're pouring coffee to help out at a local fund-raiser, take your new indicator with you. It'll save you a lot of burnt fingers, and be more sanitary as well.

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