Braille Bookstore

We have thousands of great Braille books to choose from. Just select your desired age and topic, and we'll show you some books your blind friend will love!

Welcome to the Braille Bookstore, where we have over two thousand books in Braille available for all ages and interests. You see, our goal is to make as many popular titles available as possible. So, just tell us how old the reader is you're shopping for, and we'll go from there ...

First off, you might like to browse through our selection of Read-Aloud Books for Children . In this corner, you'll find over five hundred books, for ages one to nine. Books by such highly acclaimed authors as Dr. Seuss, Margaret Wise Brown and Eric Carle can be picked up from this section. You'll find dozens of books about Curious George, as well as stacks of general-interest books telling the hilarious and touching stories of the Berenstain Bears, Mr. Gumpy, and the tiny town of Chewandswallow. You'll even discover such rich treasures as Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, and over a hundred classic fairy tales.

For kids who are ready to read on their own, we have all kinds of Books for Elementary Students (ages 6 to 10). Here, you'll find beginning chapter books (like Stuart Little, Junie B. Jones, and Flat Stanley. Dozens of volumes in such popular series as the Magic Tree House, Horrible Harry, and Arthur Chapter Books can also be found here. (Of course, we've just touched the tip of the iceburg with that list ...)

Next, you can tour our wide selection of Books for Middle-Schoolers (ages 10 through 13). Here's where you can pick up the Lord of the Rings books and plenty of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries. These shelves also hold such popular novels as Charlotte's Web, Sarah, Plain and Tall, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We've thrown in biographies of Helen Keller, Louis Braille, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and plenty more non-fiction books. You may even happen across Alice in Wonderland, Little Women, The Call of the Wild, and Treasure Island in this time-honored section.

Naturally, we would never leave out our budding young adults, so have a large collection of Books for High-Schoolers (Ages 14 through 18). Whether you're after some good old adventure stories (such as Holes or The Outsiders), more serious-minded titles (like The Voyage of the Frog or The House on Mango Street), or simply the best-selling Princess Diaries or House of Night series, there's a good selection of books for teenagers of all interests in this corner of our store.

Finally, our ever-expanding collection of books for adults is where you'll find some Star Trek titles, as well as books written by such best-selling authors as Danielle Steel, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell and Robin Cook. You can also browse our classic literature by Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and Jules Verne, not to mention plenty of Sherlock Holmes mysteries and lots of Shakespeare's plays. Last but not least, the Bible, as well as a wealth of cookbooks and books about guide dogs, make this section a must-visit for all avid readers.

Okay, so you're not the world's greatest reader. Or maybe you relish the idea of just sitting back and letting someone else do the reading for you. If that's the case, you'll go ape over our ever-expanding collection of audio books . We may not have the world's largest selection of books on CD, but the talking books we do have are of the highest quality, and are priced so you can actually afford them. We've got dramatized classics, professionally acted-out Bible stories ... And many more exciting titles are on the way!