Books for Elementary Students

Our large selection and variety of Braille books will captivate blind elementary students and make it oh so easy to enter the enchanting world of reading.

Thanks for strolling over to the aisle where we've stashed all our Braille books for readers ages six to ten. Make yourself at home; we'll be glad to show you around.

Not sure what book the kid you're shopping for would like? We do have a selection of Bestsellers for Elementary Students that might help you. Here, we've set aside a couple dozen of the most popular books for children between the ages of 6 and 11. If you're looking for ideas, this list might just help you find the perfect book for your youngster.

Chapter Books
Our wonderful selection of Chapter books will be favorites for kids ages five to ten. Here, you'll find such easy-to-read laugh-aloud's as Flat Stanley and Mooch and Me. We have books with more focus on morals, such as The Chocolate Touch and Forever Amber Brown. Round off the collection with some adventures, like the Peach Street Mudders Stories and the Junie B. books, and you've got something for every young, budding reader.

Arthur Chapter Books
Here are quite a few exciting chapter books starring Arthur, the loveable aardvark on PBS' most popular television series for kids.

Magic Tree House Series
With their strong characters, imaginative plots, and just the right dose of history and science, Magic Tree House books are the perfect choice for early chapter book readers (ages 6 to 9). Plus, teachers, parents, and kids will love the Non-Fiction Research Guides that accompany many of the titles in this fun-filled series.

Horrible Harry Series
Harry inevitably orchestrates the most horrible things, like putting a vial of ants into the refrigerator. But Harry isn't always horrible, especially when it comes to Song Lee. His growing devotion to her gets him into some awkward situations. "As Cleary has done with Ramona, Kline gives readers a character so true-to-life that he will come to be a friend." - Booklist. (These stories are in chapter format, perfect for transitional readers - ages 7 to 9.)

Junie B. Jones Series
In 1990, when a generation of new readers met Junie B. Jones - the funniest kindergartner/first-grader ever - they fell in love at first read. And guess what? Now she has her very own collection of books in Braille! A fabulous gift for those millions of Junie B. Fans, or a wonderful introduction for the uninitiated, any of the titles in this series will strike a cord with readers aged 6 to 8.

Little House on the Prairie Chapter Books
The nine original Little House books have been read and cherished by millions of readers. With simple captivating text, Little House Chapter Books capture the spirit of this beloved pioneer girl and invite beginning chapter book readers into the magical world of Little House. This glimpse into America's frontier past brings Laura's cherished stories to a whole new generation of young readers aged 7 to 10.

The American Girls Collection
We highly recommend the American Girls collection of books that tell the stories of six American girls who lived long ago. The stories are told in an entertaining and historically correct way to show how each girl lived in her own period of American history. There is a short section at the end of the story "Looking Back ..." into the past era of each girl. These books are suited for girls from ages 7 and up.

Timeless Tales Series
Myths. Fables. Legends. Tall Tales. There are hundreds of beloved stories that have been told to generation upon generation of delighted children. But no one has more vividly brought these tales to life than Tanya Reiff. Many, such as The Fox and the Grapes and Paul Bunyan, the Lumberjack are well-known favorites. Others, though, such as The Wind and the Sun and Why the Sea is Salty are sure to keep the whole family guessing. This is a wonderful series for anyone who enjoys much-loved, well-told stories from long ago.

Books by Beverly Cleary
Beverly Cleary's gift for understanding the tangle of thoughts and emotions in a child's mind and heart is remarkable. Luckily, in addition to being empathic, witty, and astute, Cleary is also prolific. She has created countless best-selling children's books, and been presented with many awards, including the Newbery Honor for Ramona and Her Father and for Ramona Quimby, Age 8. (In this section, you'll find all the books ever written about Henry Huggins, Ramona Quimby, and Ralph S. Mouse.)

Cam Jansen Adventures Series
This mystery and adventure-filled series is perfect for transitional readers aged 7 to 10. Cam (Jennifer) is just a tipical fourth-grade student. Yet she and her friend, Eric, are well-known in their small town for solving crimes and catching older kids red-handed. It's all thanks to Cam's photographic memory. When something goes wrong in the supermarket, at the fair, or during a contest, Cam just looks back on her memory-film to catch anything fishy. Readers will delight in how she and Eric soon round up the crooks and save the day.

Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries
Meet Encyclopedia Brown. His friends say he's better than a computer for getting answers: Encyclopedia's brain doesn't stop during a power failure. His father, Police Chief Brown, knows firsthand that Encyclopedia is the reason that no one in Idaville ever gets away with breaking the law. And his enemies - Bugs Meany and Wilford Wiggins - would do anything to put Encyclopedia out of business - if only they could think half as fast. There's no case too small - or too large - for Encyclopedia Brown. The answers to the ten cases in each book are found at the back of the book - but can you solve the mysteries first? Don't miss a single brain-twisting book about Encyclopedia Brown, the world's greatest super sleuth! (For ages 7 to 10.)

Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Series
Full of adventure and fun, this Braille collection will totally absorb elementary students. Follow twins Mary-Kate and Ashley as they solve mysteries, go to school, make friends, and do all the things kids their age do. This series is exciting, funny, heart-warming, and a definite must-read.

Adventures of the Bailey School Kids Series
Melody, Liza, Eddie, and Howie are four ordinary kids attending school at Bailey Elementary. For the most part they get along with the teachers and fellow students, do their homework, and pay attention in class. But ordinary ends there. Everywhere they go, these four kids encounter the most incredible people: A teacher who seems to be a vampire ... A counselor at summer camp who's behaving an awful lot like a werewolf ... A new janitor who looks and acts like jolly old Santa Claus ... These four have pretty big imaginations, but there's still lots of things they can't explain. Each adventure is bound to be wildly funny and just a touch scary. And now you can look at twenty of these most-popular books in Braille!

Boxcar Children Series
Four adventurous orphans take up residence in a boxcar and begin to solve mysteries. This is the premise of the beloved Boxcar Children series, begun in 1942 by Gertrude Chandler Warner and still going strong. Today's young readers continue to seek out Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden and their dog, Watch, whose exciting exploits are described in easy-to-read chapters. By the end of the first book, the four children are reunited with their wealthy grandfather, who moves their boxcar from the woods to his yard. From there, the independent Alden children begin to make names for themselves by solving case after case. "Kids, trains, and mysteries make for an all-aboard formula that remains hard to beat!" - Alice Cary.

Every God-fearing household should have a few quality Christian Titles on the bookshelf. From shorter books of Bible stories, to actual children's Bibles, to titles to help bring God's teaching to life and instruct youngsters on how to live Christ-centered lives ... Here is our ever-growing selection of Christian reading materials for the next generation of God's people.

Biographies of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller and Louis Braille, to name but a few.

Non-Fiction Titles
With these books and flash cards, you'll learn about America and its history; explore our universe and the world of science; read about the wreck of the Titanic; and so much more! We've even added a couple of kids' cookbooks to this shelf!

True Books
Completely redesigned for today's young, investigative reader, True Books are an indispensable addition to any collection. Each book guides the reader through the facts that nurture their need to know. The True Books series takes the young reader beyond the standard, fact-filled text by adding avenues for further discovery. Each book includes a variety of sidebars, highlighting extra facts that will fascinate children. In the Important Words section, young readers will find a glossary of words that will both challenge and expand their vocabulary. Each book includes a To Find Out More section, where every curious reader can find a list of related books to read and organizations to contact. (True Books also point readers to the vast electronic universe of information on the Internet.) Begun in the 1950's, True Books are universally embraced as the definitive non-fiction series for young readers. Now in its third incarnation, the True Books series has once again evolved to meet the needs and tastes of modern readers and educators.

For ages 8 to 10.

Nature's Mysteries
Has your youngster ever asked questions like "How do bees make honey?" or "How do birds fly anyway?"? Or perhaps your students or kids have wondered about stranger things, like how spiders make their webs or how bats manage to see in the dark. What you need is a book or two from the fabulous Nature's Mysteries series. Each volume is short enough to be read in one sitting, yet presents an astounding amount of information in a well-organized and interesting manner. These books are great for kids ages eight through eleven to read for pleasure or as research material for a class project.

Know someone who's always cracking jokes and telling funny stories? Why not get them a joke book from our Family Fun section? Or perhaps a book filled with all sorts of fascinating trivia tidbits?

Celebrate the joy and majesty of the Christmas season with our wide variety of Holiday Stories . For kids (or anyone young at heart), you'll find classics like The Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Polar Express. Plenty of novels for older kids are there, too - such as The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.