Read-Aloud Books

We are proud to offer the largest selection of Braille children's stories for blind kids of all ages. Come find the perfect book - at a fantastic price!

All right! So you decided to wander over and check out our children's read-aloud books. We'll give you a quick run-down on what's on the shelves today, and then you can actually start filling up that old cart of yours.

One more thing. Here at The Braille Bookstore, we have two different formats of books to enjoy:

The first is, naturally, Braille-only books. These are books with no print in them whatsoever. - Simple enough.

Next, we introduced Text/Braille. Essentially a step up from the Braille-only books, these are simply the former with the printed text (no pictures or illustrations) on the left page and the accompanying Braille text on the right page. So, every time you turn just one page, you can read either the print or Braille text. This allows a sighted parent, teacher or older sibling to read along with a child, so that both sighted and blind children and their parents and teachers can enjoy reading these beautiful stories. And best of all, when you're running your fingers over the lines of Braille, anyone with sight can still see every word of the print! Most of our books for children are offered in Text/Braille, for all to read and enjoy.

Basically, all you need to keep straight is that Text/Braille books have both the Braille and print text, whereas the Braille books have just the Braille - no print. That's it. Happy reading!

Oh, we mustn't forget our ever-expanding collection of Brailled Board Books for young, aspiring readers. These delightful little storybooks are a great way to introduce toddlers and preschoolers (blind or sighted) to the wonderful world of books! They feature thick, sturdy, cardboard-like pages - complete with large-print, braille, and full-color pictures and illustrations.

Children have always loved to color, and now blind kids can join in the fun. With our exclusive line of Touch and Trace Books , youngsters can read a little poem at the bottom of each page - then trace the raised tactile picture at the top!

OK! If you're just looking for something your child would like, but don't have a particular title in mind, why not check out our list of Bestselling Read-Alouds ? Not only does this give you a good sampling of the books in this section, but it should help you quickly pick the perfect gift. If it's on the list, it's liked by lots of kids - which means your child may like it, too.

Dr. Seuss Books
The master of meaningful nonsense, Dr. Seuss has led millions of children by the hand and into the world of I Can Read By Myself. in stories kids will want to read again and again, Dr. Seuss brilliantly weaves fantastic words, clever rhymes, and unusual creatures into books that work like a karate chop on the weary world of reading.

Books for Preschoolers
There's bound to be something for every child in this wide assortment of books, geared for children from one to six years of age. Here's where you'll find everything from Where the Wild Things Are to Goodnight Moon, as well as books by Eric Carle and Margaret Wise Brown. There are even titles to teach shapes, sizes, seasons, and counting skills in a fun and easy way.

General-Interest Books
These books are perfect for children ages six to ten. Here, you'll find such treasures as Owl Moon and The Little House, as well as books about Arthur and Amelia Bedelia. There's one about a blind child who gets a pet bird, another that tells the story of a town with the most unbelievable weather, and so much more!

All-Time Favorites
Looking for all those wonderful stories you remember so well from your own childhood? Here's where you'll find Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Jack and the Beanstalk, Peter Pan, Rumpelstiltskin, Henny Penny, The Gingerbread Man, The Little Red Hen, and The Three Bears to name just a few.

Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library
Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck. Snow White. Cinderella. ... Walt Disney has created some of the most loved and best known characters for kids. The only problem is, we've all read those stories, and chances are most kids have, too. That's why we're so excited to bring you a bran new series from Disney, where all your favorite characters come back in sequels to the best children's books of all time. Only this time around, in addition to a library of books that are fun to read again and again, Disney's putting an emphasis on moral values. Mickey the tiny mouse finds a way to save a whole town from the wrath of a towering giant. Donald Duck teaches his stingy old uncle the meaning of happiness. Hiawatha, an Indian boy, learns the true value of love and friendship. ... Never before offered in Braille, this rich treasure of books is sure to be a favorite for everyone!

Amelia Bedelia Series
Amelia Bedelia is a housekeeper who does things exactly the way the words say. She has been entertaining young readers since 1963 and teaching them that sometimes words have more than one meaning. Amelia's literal way of interpreting instructions will give youngsters aged 6 to 8 endless laughs.

Little Bill Series
Here is a collection of books for beginning readers (ages five through eight) that emphasizes character building and finding positive resolutions for difficult situations. Youngsters will easily identify with Little Bill as he learns the hard way what happens if you tell a white lie, how name-calling isn't the answer to dealing with irritating classmates, or figuring out how to get to sleep - despite the scary monster in the closet!

The Berenstain Bears
Long-time favorites with millions of young readers, each and every book in The Berenstain Bears series has an important lesson or moral to teach. But unlike many of its kind, the books in this series paint a picture of Brother and Sister Bear up to something naughty. Then Mother and Father Bear show them, and the reader, the lesson of the book. Educational and fun, these books are sure to keep your child laughing and learning throughout each read-through.

Curious George Series
Curious George, the monkey with the talent for trouble, has delighted millions of readers for more than 50 years. Now fans can enjoy over a dozen of these sensational books in Braille!

Henry and Mudge Series
If your child loves dogs, he or she will love the Henry and Mudge books. They are wonderful stories - and feature a little boy and his very large dog, and all their adventures. The kids can relate to the love between the boy and his dog; and it makes them happy to read. For ages 6 to 8.

Munsch for Kids Series
Robert Munsch is a beloved storyteller who can spin a tale at the drop of a hat. His books have a unique blend of humor and adventure, and are about every-day children. Perhaps the magic in this collection of books is that children can readily imagine they themselves are the characters in the stories. The stories he writes are lively and funny, and they always hold a child's interest from beginning to end. There is always a repetitive theme which nicely facilitates group read-alouds, enhancing further the comical aspects of the stories. These books will definitely encourage a love of reading!

Madeline Series
Here are all of the adventures of the irrepressible Madeline, a little girl full of mischief and vitality who is one of the world's most popular and cherished fictional characters. Madeline, which was first published in 1939, and its five sequels have become true classics, loved by generations of readers. In each of these books, the author's humorous verse and his immortal characters - Miss Clavel, Pepito, the magician, and others - combine to create a joyous reading experience for people of all ages.

Nursery Rhymes
Didn't think we had any books for those little toddlers? Well, surprise ... we've got a whole collection of them! All the favorites you remember plus dozens more, from Mother Goose to A-B-C and 1-2-3 rhyming books are found in the timeless pages of these fun little collections.

Clifford Books
Clifford is big, red, and totally irresistible. Young children will want to read each new book about Clifford the Big Red Dog again and again ... and again!

Franklin Series
The enchanting Franklin series will captivate children and adults alike. It has a unique blend of make-believe and reality that adds richness and life to each story. Franklin is a delightfully clever turtle and all his friends are animals. The problems Franklin faces are the real-life struggles and trials of childhood and they have a charming way of resolving themselves with practicality and fun! The reader shares in Franklin's trials and triumphs and gains marvelous insights into the business of being a child. Children from 5 to eight will thoroughly enjoy these adventures.

Classic Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
For the first time ever, all of Hans Christian Andersen's original, unabridged fairy tales are being offered in Braille! Recommended for children in grades K-5, these beautiful books present Andersen's beloved stories with all the splendor and detail intended by the talented author over a century ago. (If you're searching for fairy tales to read to toddlers or preschoolers, you might want to have a look at our All-Time Favorites category instead of this one, because the fairy tales you'll find there have been simplified and shortened to hold the interest of younger listeners.)

Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers
That's right, every fairy tale ever written by the famous Grimm Brothers can be found here, in its original language and style. (Again, many of these stories have been modernized, so you can check out our simplified versions on the All-Time Favorites shelf if you prefer.)

Bible Stories
These beloved books capture the stories of God and Jesus for young children in a way that will bring them back for more. The simplified stories from the Bible speak to children so that they can identify with the characters, and in this way the stories come alive. This is an excellent way to introduce your child to the word of God, through a medium children love best: storytime.

Proper Preschoolers Series
In brief text, the books in this series present a variety of familiar situations involving such concepts as sharing, being responsible, and being kind. In this way, the reader is encouraged to decide on the appropriate behavior. In a gentle and simple manner, the series explores such attributes as Caring, Courage, Honesty, Kindness, Love, and Obedience. The author manages to create in her books an atmosphere that attracts young readers and encourages eager participation. Young children will love identifying with the every-day situations they will encounter in the pages of these books, and parents will delight in the simple truths children will learn.

Educational Books
It's well-known that kids love facts. And we all love learning about new, interesting, and sometimes weird things. For example, did you know that tornados can reach speeds of over 300 miles an hour? Or that Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher, herself was taught at a school for the blind? Or that some dinosaurs were almost a hundred feet long, and weighed seventy-five tons? Perhaps you and your kids would like to learn about the mysterious disappearance of Amelia Earhart, visit a paper mill, or talk about the meanings of different animal sounds. So from the haunting wreck of the RMS Titanic, to the sea of boiling gases that form at the surface of our sun, we're happy to say this shelf of books offers enquiring minds a wealth of information on almost any topic.

Celebrate the joy and majesty of the Christmas season with our wide variety of Holiday Stories . For kids (or anyone young at heart), you'll find classics like The Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Polar Express. Plenty of novels for older kids are there, too - such as The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Know someone who's always cracking jokes and telling funny stories? Why not get them a joke book from our Family Fun section? Or perhaps a book filled with all sorts of fascinating trivia tidbits?