Greeting Cards

Make the gift for your blind friend extra special! Pick up one of our affordable, personalized cards in Braille and Print for any holiday or occasion.

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- Assorted Braille Greeting Cards
Pack of Six Different Cards for Special Occasions
Item Number: 1264
Available Styles: Birthday, Thank You, or Christmas
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- Raised-Picture Card
Fully Tactile, Personalized Greeting Card
Item Number: 1265
Available Designs: Birthday Balloons, Thanksgiving Home, Thanksgiving Turkey, Thanksgiving Pilgrims, Christmas Tree, Christmas Star, or Christmas Snowman
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Here's the perfect little something for anyone you know ... of any age! Want to send someone a card to let them know you're thinking about them? Or would you like to enclose it with a gift to make it extra special? In either case, our top-of-the-line Braille greeting cards are just the thing.

All of the below greeting cards are professionally-printed with the highest-quality digital photography. They cost $7, and come with a matching envelope. Each card boasts a full-color picture on the front, and a pre-written message on the inside. In addition, you can always type a short note to go along with the card, and we'll print and Braille that right along with the regular message.

So let's get started. First, please pick an occasion from the following list. Then, we'll show you the different cards we have in that category.

Happy Birthday
110 (across 5 categories) to choose from

17 to choose from

Thinking of you
18 to choose from

45 to choose from

16 to choose from

12 to choose from

Thank You
18 to choose from

3 to choose from

13 to choose from

Get Well
15 to choose from

13 to choose from

Valentine's Day
27 to choose from

Memorial Day
8 to choose from

25 (across 2 categories) to choose from

Mother's Day
19 to choose from

Father's Day
16 to choose from

Happy Thanksgiving
5 to choose from

Happy Holidays
88 (across 5 categories) to choose from

Merry Christmas
30 (across 2 categories) to choose from

New Year
4 to choose from

10 to choose from

8 to choose from

New Baby
43 (across 2 categories) to choose from

44 (across 3 categories) to choose from

6 to choose from