Braille Graduation Cards

Now comes the fun part! We have 12 Graduation cards to pick from, and I'll show them to you now. When you see one that looks good, just click "Take a Closer Look".

Victory Won
Card says: Especially for You at Graduation. A milestone passed, new things begun, Dreams as shining as the sun, A goal achieved, a victory won; that's graduation! May Your future Be Filled With Happiness And Success Take a Closer Look

Reach for the Stars
Card says: Wonderful things come to those who are unafraid to reach for the stars. Congratulations on your graduation. Take a Closer Look

World is Waiting
Card says: For You on Your Graduation. Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. The world is waiting for you, Graduate. Wishing You a Great Future - You have so much to offer. Take a Closer Look

As You Graduate
Card says: As you graduate, May your future be full of promise and all good things. Congratulations! Take a Closer Look

Graduation for Him
Card says: For a special man on your graduation. Talent, hard work and commitment, YOU. Wishing you a future filled with every happiness. You've earned it. Best wishes always. Take a Closer Look

Graduation, for Her
Card says: You're a special woman. Hope your graduation makes you feel proud of all you've achieved, And excited about everything the future holds for you. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Always Knew
Card says: I always knew you were special. Congratulations, Graduate Take a Closer Look

Brief, Awesome
Card says: Congratulations on your graduation! That's awesome! Take a Closer Look

Brief, Did It
Card says: You Did It! Congratulations, Graduate! Take a Closer Look

Brief, No Limit
Card says: You graduated! Now, there's no limit to what you can do. Take a Closer Look

Humorous, Piece of Paper
Card says: You've Worked So Hard ... stayed up countless hours ... paid enormous sums of money, all for a lousy piece of paper. ... And my complete (and undying) admiration! Congratulations. Take a Closer Look

Card says: A prayer for you as you graduate. May God always keep you each year through, And give you the faith it takes to make your dreams come true. May His love and wisdom help to guide you on your way, And His light shine down upon you to bless this special day. Best Wishes Today and Always. Take a Closer Look

Card says: Nothing. It is blank to allow you to add your own message. Take a Closer Look