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It's been almost fifteen years since we first opened our doors to the blind and visually impaired, and from the start we've maintained we have the best customers ever. Just looking through this list of kind, friendly folks, however, makes us thankful afresh for the countless thousands who we are honored to call our customers. Thank you all so much!

I have ordered and recieved a few items from you. I really appreciate the quality and the speedy delivery. I ordered a Wilson Deluxe recorder today, I can't wait to recieve it. You guys are great. Thanks so very much. - Tony C., Chicago, IL

I have been buying things from future aides for several years. The service from future aides is the best of any blind agency I have dealt with. Recently i purchased the tiny tunes MP3 player, and they answered my questions about it very kindly. The upgrade is terrific, and the mans voice is a great improvement. Thanks for your excellent help in answering my emails so promply! - Maggie S., Port Elliot, South Australia

The significance of an affordable and comprehensive source of Braille gear and books can not be estimated. I love this store, and can't wait to get our new supplies. You really do serve a great need, thank you! Warm Aloha, Linda B., Ocean View, HI

Your products are great. I love my talking keychain clock and the animal puzzles for children. Thanks for your excellent service. - Tennie E., Mineral Springs, AR

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the service I recieved from The Braille Bookstore. I bought a cookbook from you a while back, during my college days. I can't tell you how many hours of pleasure it has brought me. Recently, I moved to Spain and ordered the adjustable measuring cup and spoons. They are fantastic!! I love to cook and have used them on several occasions to measure out my morning breakfast as well as bake muffins and pies. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the visually impaired community. Marissa M., Madrid, Spain

I like you guys. Your descriptions of the products are good and I even like the links that give you product sound samples. Everything is at a cheep price, and I'm starting to recommend products to my other friends. I am very satisfied with your service, and I'll shop from you for years to come. - Augustu P., Gainesville, GA

We love your store. I have been so pleased with everything I have ever bought here. - Ann B., Frankfort, KY

Wow, you guys are quick. I can't believe how fast you transcribed our handbook. I am amazed at how quickly this process went - and thrilled to say the least! I am so impressed. - Sandi C., Production Services Department Manager at Awana Clubs International, Streamwood, IL

Thanks for the super speedy delivery, the great shipping advice, and for taking the time to call me on a Sunday to confirm! I am sure this talking clock will be my dad's favorite stocking stuffer. I think they are a truly awesome idea, and I really appreciate your service. Merry Christmas. - Marlene M., Port Moody, Canada

I'm so excited to receive my items. I have never been disappointed with anything I have ever ordered from The Braille Superstore. You guys have a great business, and I'm sure I will order from you again and again. - Lisa B., Warsaw, VA

This is the best online store for the visually impaired that I've come across so far. I'm a multi-repeat customer and have compared your site with other similar websites. I've always ended up placing my orders with Future Aids. Both my wife and daughter are blind and find the products you offer very helpful. Thanks for providing a great service. - Ray K., Huntington Beach, CA

I have been totally blind since birth; I love to read and write Braille. I have ordered many Braille products from the Braille Superstore! I have been very satisfied! - Debra B., Sulphur, LA

I work with children with various learning differences, though not often visual impairment. I'm very impressed with your site and like the products that you offer. I will definitely recommend!! - Pete V., Square Peg Tutoring, Kensingon, MD

I love your web site! It is easy to use with a screen reader, and the way things are presented makes me feel like the words are said with a joyful smile. Thank you for great service! - Linda L., Centreville, VA

This is the third time I have ordered this item. The first was for me and these last two were for others. They all love them. People on the bus, people at church, wow! I do too. I love this web site. Easy to use. yay! Thanks. - Cathy L., Lemoyne, PA

I just want to tell you that just visiting your website, I'm loving your business with all my heart. You are doing a good job, and after a few purchases I still love the way you do business. Congratulations, and good luck with this great store. - Roberto P., Hialeah, FL

Love the website. Love all your products. Y'all are awesome! - Juli C, Lufkin, TX

Been buying from you for a while. You are all wonderful up there. Thanks for your great service. - Robert W., Beaumont, CA

Love the accessibility and personal touch of your website. - Erin R., San Diego, CA

The first clock is sooo great, we are ordering two more. - Amie M., Wasilla, AK

This is a great store, and it's not my first purchase. I encourage my peers to use your site as a resource too. Your store supplies relevant and interesting products at reasonable prices, and you provide excellent customer service! - Marilyn T., Ontario, Canada

I just received the Talking Keychain Clock from Future Aids. Thank you, they are such good value. I was really happy with the goods and your customer service. - Kind Regards, Moira S., Manchester, England

My mother-in-law is 101 years old, and cannot see clocks or the TV. She is in perfect health, however, and still fully coherent. This clock will be of great assistance to her. All the very best to you all. - John B., Canberra, Australia

Hi from Sunny Queensland, The clock has arrived and we are sooo pleased, as will our friend be. Thanks for all your kind service, communication and excellent products. You are much appreciated. - Shirley P., Queensland, Australia

Already have one of your Braille Labelers, my sons school was so impressed they asked me to buy one for them. Its great to find such good items not available in the UK. - Karen H., Newport, Wales

Thanks for a great shopping experience, I received the items last week. They are all in order and my son loves them so much. Thank you for being here for us! - Hock Soon L., Selangor, Malaysia

I was given the Talking Typing Teacher program from The Braille Superstore as a gift. I had given up all hope of ever learning to type properly as I just used two fingers to punch the keys. It really helped when Eager Eddie told me where my fingers go on the keyboard, and I enjoyed the games too. Now, I can type over 100 words per minute! Thank you so much, TTT! - Elliot the Scotsman, Age thirteen, Aldergrove, Canada

I just wanted to let you know I really like the new Tiny Toons. I cannot get over how little it is and the beautiful sounds when playing music. Thank you, and keep up the good work! - Gloria W., Spokane, WA

I purchased my TinyTunes mp3 player last December and I was immediately impressed with its potential. At first I was disappointed with the audio quality using the provided ear buds but when I ran the unit using high quality Sony earbuds I was blown away with the quality of the audio chip in this unit. Tiny Tunes is now on its third upgrade and I think it is the best value of any MP3 player I know. It has so many facilities already and more to come. For me the most important one is the ability to use a Browse mode and listen to my mp3 files within their own folders. I have so many mp3 tracks purchased from various sources over the last 15 years that do not have modern tags, so are all jumbled up by most mp3 players nowadays. Hats off to TinyTunes for organizing my music so nicely! Another great facility on this player is the ability to have .txt files read out by the built-in screen reader. I have brought vital .txt instruction files on holidays with me and found this facility essential. There is no better value for the money in my opinion on the market today! - Aedan O., Cork, Ireland

I am a long-time consumer of a variety of MarvelSoft products, including Digital Jukebox. Since Christmas, I have been using Tiny Tunes and I have to say I just love it. It's really hard to say which feature is my favorite. The radio is so exciting because it's the first radio I've been able to select by its number and it's just so easy to find the station I want. The compact size is just great. The synthetic speech allows me to read any text files or etexts I choose. I can also listen to any talking books as well. The music feature allows me to listen to my favorite albums while I work. And as if that isn't enough, the Tiny Tunes Speaker Pack makes it possible to play anything out loud with good, clear sound and a spectacular volume. But the features don't end there. I can also record any quick notes I want, or even long lectures or seminars as well. For such a tiny little unit that is so reasonable, its versatility and portability really do open doors for blind and visually impaired people in a big way. And perhaps the best thing of all is how easy it is to use, primarily because of its human speech for all the menu items. In short, it's a ground-breaking little player that packs a big punch, and it's a product I plan to use for many years to come! I just want to thank you very much for making it available to everyone. - Margaret Collins, Chilliwack, Canada

I really like my Tiny Tunes MP3 player, and use it a lot at night before I go to sleep. I like all the different ways you can listen to music, and the new human voice. The upgrade was almost like getting a whole new player. Thanks for making such a neat and affordable product. - Amy P., Mercer, PA

I just got my Tiny Tunes MP3 Player with its speaker pack. I am a musician, and I love this thing - great for its size. Extremely well done Folks, and a pleasure doing business with you! - Jack C., Norfolk, VA

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