Braille Workshop

Learning Braille and teaching your friends is fun with the right tools. Our items make it easy to explore and learn this strange system of raised dots.

"Learning is not attained by chance, but must be sought for with ardor and attended with diligence." - Abigail Adams.

Ah, thanks for joining our Braille workshop! We'll be talking about a lot of really neat stuff today, so we've set up a few different tables for the event. Why don't you quickly look each one over, then pull up a chair and we'll get started!

To start with, if you're brand-new to Braille, or want to teach it to your class, you should head over to the ABC's of Braille table. Here, you'll find Braille Flash Cards, learning kits, alphabet charts and toys - all sorts of things to help you pick up the basics of Braille.

Well, they say practice makes perfect, which must be why our Hands-On Braille table is so popular. We've got self-contained wooden practice boards and sets of magnetic letters and numbers ... good old playing cards and clever Braille puzzles. In short, you'll discover all sorts of new and exciting ways to practice your Braille skills, and find materials to make any Braille class or presentation come alive.

Today, it seems, Braille is one of the hottest things going. Everyone's looking for nifty Braille Handouts to give to friends, pass out to fellow students, and use to show others how Braille works. Braille alphabet buttons, cheatsheets, cards, magnets, stickers, bookmarks, name cards ... here's all sorts of great stuff for Braille enthusiasts of any age.

So, are you ready to try your hand at actually writing Braille ? Whether you're after a small pocket slate or a large desktop model, an eraser to correct mistakes or a way to label household items, you'll find everything you need right over here.

An extention of our Writing Braille table, our Marking and Labeling showcase proudly displays the latest and greatest ways of labeling anything in Braille. Handheld Braille labeling guns, labeling tape for Braille labelers (duh), container labels, full-page adhesive sheets ... you get the idea.