Marking and Labeling

Brailling a microwave, marking an oven dial, matching clothes and finding frozen food is easy with our tools for the blind. We even have devices that talk!

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- Bump Dots
Peel-and-Stick Dots to Mark Everyday Items
Item Number: 1106
Available Packages: Large Round, Medium Round, Small Round, Tiny Round, Tall Flat Circle, Short Flat Circle, Indented Round, Flat Circle with Bump, Square, Pyramid, or the Entire Set (for $26.95)
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- Handheld Braille Labeler
Label Anything in Braille - It's Fast and Easy
Item Number: 1107
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- Clear Labeling Tape
Label in Braille Without Covering Print
Item Number: 1108
$5.50 for 3 Rolls (Larger Package Available for Better Price)
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Raised-Line Marking Paint
Temporarily out of stock. Usually ships in Late June.
Mark Household Items with Raised Lines and Shapes
Item Number: 1109
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- Braille Container Labels
Large, Pre-Cut Labels for Use in Slate or Brailler
Item Number: 1110
$5.50 for 50 Labels (Larger Package Available for Better Price)
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- Braille Labeling Sheets
Braille, then Cut to Size, for Touch Pads and More
Item Number: 1111
$1.95 for 1 Sheet (Larger Package Available for Better Price)
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- Braille Clothing Tags, Colors
Always Know what Color your Clothes Are
Item Number: 1112
Available Styles: Standard, or Guys
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- Braille Clothing Tags, Numbers
Use Braille Numbers to Keep Clothing Sets Together
Item Number: 1113
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- Magnetic Can Labels
5 Feet of Reusable Rubber Tape for Cans of Food
Item Number: 1114
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- Sock Sorters
No More Mismatched Socks: Holds Each Pair Together
Item Number: 1115
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- Curly Shoelaces
Special, Stretchy Laces that Never Need to be Tied
Item Number: 6011
Available Colors: White, Black, Navy-Blue, Brown, Neon-Pink, Neon-Blue, or Neon-Green
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- Colorino Talking Color Identifier
Tiny Device that Speaks Colors - and Detects Light
Item Number: 1116
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- Cobolt Talking Color Identifier
Economical Unit that Still Detects 12 Basic Colors
Item Number: 1117
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- PenFriend Audio Labeler (Version 2)
Label Anything with Your Voice - No Braille Needed
Item Number: 1118
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- PenFriend Refill Labels
381 More Labels to Use with Your PenFriend Labeler
Item Number: 1119
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- PenFriend Laundry Labels
Label Your Entire Wardrobe with Your Own Voice
Item Number: 1120
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- Large Print Keyboard Stickers
Bold Print Overlays Make those Keys Easier to See
Item Number: 1121
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