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Sticker Dots

Tactile Dots for Teachers, Paper, and Art Projects
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Product Features

  • Color: Peach.
  • Sheet of 128 adhesive-backed tactile dots.
  • Dots are peach in color, round, and measure 1/4 inch across and 1/8 high.
  • Dots stick firmly to all types of paper, cardboard and other art/craft supplies.
  • Teachers add tactile marks to papers and tests.
  • Students create raised elements on art and craft projects.
  • Parents appreciate how many dots come on a single sheet and their affordability.
  • Package Weight: about 0.5 ounces.

Product Description

Remember those smiley-face stickers the teacher would sometimes place on your paper if you did an especially good job? Well, our Sticker Dots are similar and offer a tactual alternative for blind students of all ages.

Teachers use Sticker Dots to add a tactile mark to test papers or even to indicate correct/incorrect answers on a large-print or braille sheet. Kids and students appreciate being able to add three-dimensional, tactile dots to their art and craft projects - and parents love the affordability of Sticker Dots.

Each Sticker Dot is peach in color, round and approximately a quarter-inch in diameter. It's roughly an eighth of an inch high, so it can easily be felt by touch, but it's not as tall as one of our Bump Dots.

Sticker Dots boast a strong adhesive and stay firmly in place on all types of paper, cardboard or other craft supplies. Best of all, each sheet contains 128 dots, providing an economical way to add quality raised elements to all your pictures, drawings and crafty projects.

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