PenFriend Refill Labels

381 More Labels to Use with Your PenFriend Labeler

Item Number: 1119

Price: $29.95

IMPORTANT! Please remember that each and every PenFriend label uses a unique bar code, and you'll never want to overlap the bar codes your PenFriend scans. Therefore, you should only buy any given refill pack just once. In other words, if you ordered Pack A last time, now you should go for Pack B.
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Product Features

Replenish your supply of Penfriend labels.
381 labels: 273 small circles, 54 big circles, and 54 big squares (9 sheets).

Product Description:

So you've begun using your exciting new PenFriend labeling system, and are absolutely blown away by the number of items you can label with it. But there's nothing worse than getting all set to mark the cake-mix you just bought on sale with a PenFriend sticker - only to discover that you have none left!

That's where our packs of refill labels for the PenFriend come in. Each package contains a total of 381 labels: 273 small circles (three sheets), 54 big circles (three sheets), and 54 big squares (three sheets). Yes, that's 381 labels on nine sheets.

Package Weight: about 1.8 ounces.

(From the Marking and Labeling shelf.)

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