Math and Measuring

Talking calculators, abaci, Braille rulers, and tactile measuring tapes.

"There are three kinds of people in the world, you know ... those who can count and those who can't."

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- Talking Desk Calculator
Large Buttons and Display,Built-In Alarm Clock
Item Number: 1045
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- Talking Pocket Calculator
Small Rubber Buttons, Lightweight and Portable
Item Number: 1046
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- Deluxe Talking Calculator
Temporarily out of stock. Usually ships in Mid June.
10-Digit Display, Clear Speech, Has Headphone Jack
Item Number: 1047
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- Math Abacus
Used in Schools when Calculators Aren't Allowed
Item Number: 1048
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- Abacus Coupler
Join Two Abaci Together for Longer Equations
Item Number: 1049
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- Abacus Kit
Includes Two Math Abaci and an Abacus Coupler
Item Number: 1050
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- Braille Times Table
Shows Equations up to 12 Times 12
Item Number: 1051
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- Raised-Line Graphing Paper
Large, Raised Squares - Three-Hole Punched as Well
Item Number: 1052
$13.95 for 25 Sheets (Larger Package Available for Better Price)
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- Classic Braille Ruler
Plastic 12-Inch Ruler with Markings Every 1/8 Inch
Item Number: 1053
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- Print Braille Ruler
Flexible Plastic Ruler, Print and Braille Numbers
Item Number: 1054
Available Sizes: Large (for $4.95), or Small (for $2.95)
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- Classic Measuring Tape
5-Foot Nylon Tape, Marked with Staples Every Inch
Item Number: 1055
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- Deluxe Measuring Tape
5-Foot Nylon Tape Marked with Sturdy Metal Buttons
Item Number: 1056
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- Talking Measuring Tape
Metal Tape Measure Announces Reading in Male Voice
Item Number: 1057
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- Braille Geometry Kit
7-Piece Classroom Set to Measure and Draw Angles
Item Number: 1058
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- Wooden Shape Set
16-Piece Basic Geometric Shape Set - Made of Wood
Item Number: 1059
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