Kitchen Corner

Cook smartly with our range of adapted kitchenware and Braille gadgets! We have talking timers, meat thermometers, measuring spoons, safe knives, and more.

15 products on this shelf.

- Talking Timer Clock
Sticks to Your Fridge; Has Built-In Talking Clock
Item Number: 1032
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- Tactile Timer
Wind-Up Timer with Raised Markings - Simple to Use
Item Number: 1033
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- Liquid Level Indicator
No More Burnt Fingers, Beeps When Cup is Full
Item Number: 1034
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- High-Side Dinner Plate
Item Unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.
Curved Inner Lip Helps get Food onto the Fork
Item Number: 1321
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- Talking Cooking Thermometer
Push Probe into Meat, Hear Temperature in Seconds
Item Number: 1039
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- Talking Kitchen Scale
Place Food on Platform to Hear Weight Spoken Aloud
Item Number: 1040
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- Braille Salt and Pepper Set
Wooden Holder and Shakers, Always Tell them Apart
Item Number: 1041
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- Braille Measuring Cups, Classic
Set of Plastic Scoops WithRaised Print and Braille
Item Number: 1042
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- Braille Measuring Spoons
Set of Plastic Spoons withRaised Print and Braille
Item Number: 1043
Available Styles: Classic (for $6.95), or Deluxe (for $13.95)
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- Adjust-a-Spoons
Two-Piece Set of Adjustable Measuring Spoons
Item Number: 1045
Available Materials: Plastic (for $4.95), or Metal (for $13.95)
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- MeasureMax
All-in-One Utensil - Replaces 11 Measuring Spoons
Item Number: 1046
Available Materials: Plastic (for $3.95), or Metal (for $9.95)
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- Ceramic Pot Minder
No More Messy Stove, Makes Noise When Water Boils
Item Number: 1035
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- Bread Cutter Board
Cut Fresh-Baked Loavs into Straight, Even Slices
Item Number: 1050
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- Metal Pie Divider
Cut Pie in Eight Equal Slices with One Easy Press
Item Number: 1051
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Okay! So now you have your kitchen cupboards filled with a few essential cooking gadgets. All you need now is some Braille Cookbooks ! From appetizers to desserts, simple or complex, we're bound to have the cookbook you want.