Talking Cooking Thermometer

Push Probe into Meat, Hear Temperature in Seconds
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Product Features

  • A talking cooking thermometer and meat probe.
  • Have temperature in under 6 seconds.
  • Offers temperature reading in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Used with all types of meats.
  • Versatile: can read temperature for room, bath water and more.
  • Temperature range of -58 degrees to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • High quality, durable, light-weight and portable.
  • Package Weight: about 3.9 ounces.

Product Description

It's all well and good the way all the cookbooks tell you to cook meat until it's brown, or until juices run clear, or until you "eyeball" it and it looks about the same as Grandma's famous pot-roast. Good, but utterly useless for blind folks working in the kitchen. The helpful FDA-recommended core temperatures for meats aren't much help, either, since until now meat thermometers have been either totally visual, poorly-designed or outrageously expensive. Or all three. But now, at last, we are excited to bring you the solution. It's affordable. It's well-designed. And, best of all ... it talks!

Introducing our new Instant-Read digital Talking Cooking Thermometer and Meat Probe! Just hit the On button, insert the end into the meat, and count to six. By then, the handheld gadget will have taken the temperature of your dinner, rechecked its readings to be sure it's right on the money, and begun announcing the exact temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It's that easy. Wash the probe before storage to insure it's ready for tomorrow night, and carve the roast beast with certainty.

This great little machine works with all kinds of meat. You can even check burgers, hot off the grill, by inserting the thin probe sideways into the paddy. Now, you'll always know without a shadow of a doubt that your meat is safe to serve - and to eat. This super-accurate thermometer can even give you the room temperature - or a reading on the bath water to make sure it's just right for little ones. In fact, it's temperature range is enormous - all the way from -58 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit!

This talking cooking thermometer is small and light-weight, easy to store and easy to take with you. It has no draping cords that get in the way, and is self-contained in one sleek, hand-held design. The speech is clear, the interphase is simple, and the design is top notch. It even has a belt-clip for cooks or Mom's on the go. By the time you're sitting down to your next home-cooked supper, you'll wonder how you ever did without your new talking kitchen thermometer! (Uses two AAA batteries - which ARE included.)

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