Talking Timer Clock

Sticks to Your Fridge; Has Built-In Talking Clock
Item Number: 1027

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Include package of Two AG13 batteries for $1.49?

Product Features

  • Can stick to the fridge, or stand on the counter.
  • Periodically announces time remaining.
  • Full-featured timer also has built-in talking clock.
  • Measures about 3-1/4 in by 2-1/2 in by 1 in.
  • Package Weight: about 3.9 ounces.

Product Description

Here's a cool tool that everyone needs! This is actually a two-in-one gadget, with a talking countdown timer and a talking clock. (Both can operate simultaneously and independently.) Plus, our timer has six different alarm sounds: whistling kettle, car horn, bell, bouncing coil, cuckoo, and beep. This timer's ultra-slim design makes it ideal for clipping to your belt, attaching to a metal surface, or sitting in an out-of-the-way corner of your kitchen counter (The clip can double as a small stand for the unit). There's also a super-strong magnet on the back of the timer, perfect for sticking it to your fridge.

This is the first and only 24-hour talking timer in the world which periodically announces the time left until zero, eliminating the need for constant checking of time remaining. When you're timing anything, the timer will automatically announce the time remaining every hour, every ten minutes during the final hour, every minute in the final ten minutes, every ten seconds in the last minute, and every second of those crucial last ten seconds. The timer function is perfect for timing the cookies you're baking or the supper you're stirring on the stove, and the unique auto-repeat function (which can automatically restart the countdown after counting down to zero) is great for timing repetitive activities such as daily medicine taking, exercise work-outs, etc. And, naturally, you can always touch just one button to have the clock announce the current time in a clear, crisp voice.

So stop trying to memorize all those meaningless beeps on your stove timer, and grab one of our handy Talking Timers - to save yourself a lot of headaches ... and many a burnt meal! (Uses two AG13 button cell batteries, included.)

Product Directions

Directions for the Talking Timer Clock From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Getting Started. There is a plastic tab on the base of the timer which must be pulled out before the timer will function. When this tab is removed, place the timer in front of you on a table, with the display screen facing away from you.

Buttons and Switches. On the right side of the timer is the Mode switch. The top position is for the stopwatch function (which does not talk), the second position is for the timer, the third is for the clock, and the bottom position is Set Mode.

On top of the timer are six buttons. On the top row, from left to right, are Hour, Minute, and Second. On the bottom row are Clear, Memory, and Start.

Below these buttons is a slide-off lid that reveals a switch and two buttons. The switch controls Timer Restart. In the left position it is on, in the right position it is off. The second button controls speech. One beep is off, two beeps means speech is on. The third button we will call Select.

Timer Operation. Press Hour, Minute, and Second to set the timer. Press Memory to remember this amount of time. Press Start to start timing. You can press Start to pause the timer, and Start to resume again. To stop the timer, press Start, then Clear. To clear the memory, press Memory, then Clear. To change the timer alert sound, press Select.

Clock Operation. Any of the six buttons on the front will speak the time in this mode.

Set Mode. Press Hour, Minute, and Second to set the time. Press Start to hear the time.

There is a small battery cover underneath the clip. To change the batteries, just pull that toward the bottom and it comes right off.

Have fun!

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