Essential medical supplies, like a talking clinical thermometer or Braille pill box

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- Talking Medical Thermometer
Takes Temp in Under a Minute, Speaks in Fahrenheit
Item Number: 1070
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- Talking Ear Thermometer
Takes Your Temperature in Seconds, Reads it Aloud
Item Number: 1071
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- Talking Bathroom Scale
Step On - And Hear Your Weight in a Few Seconds
Item Number: 1072
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- Braille Pill Box
Organize Your Medication in this Travel-Sized Kit
Item Number: 1073
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- All-Metal Magnifier, Classic
4X, 3D: Metal Body and Rim - with Clear Glass Lens
Item Number: 6017
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- Handheld Reading Magnifier, Heavy-Duty
2X, 5D: Metal Handle, Sturdy Rim, Glass Lens
Item Number: 6022
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