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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by the Braille Superstore. We have tons of Braille books and cool products to choose from; so grab a cup of coffee, relax, and we'll give you a quick tour.

What time is it? If you or someone you know is always asking this question, perhaps you should check out our complete line of Timekeeping products. We have a wide array of talking clocks and watches - some basic, some loaded with features. Starting at just $7.95, we carry elegant timepieces to suit every taste and fit every budget.

Looking for some helpful aids to make day-to-day tasks easier and more fun? In the Housewares department, you'll find: adapted timers and cooking instruments - everyone needs to eat! Braille Slates and Digital recorders - for writing down notes, recipes and phone numbers. Lots of labeling items - to mark everything from clothes and cans to ovens and food. Talking calculators, thermometers and scales, Braille rulers, MP3 Players - and many more goodies.

Leave your home prepared and confident ... every time! Select the desired length of white cane and pick out the perfect tip for it. Grab a special wallet to keep your bills separated, a signature guide to help you sign receipts and a fanny pack to keep your hands free. Finally, brows our line of affordable digital recorders so all the information you need is right at your fingertips. Now, the next time you're On the Go , you'll be ready!

Okay - so you've still got enough vision to read ink-print - if it's just made a bit larger. It sounds like our extensive collection of Low Vision Products are for you! In this area, you can pick out your favorite magnifiers, writing guides, bold pens - all those essential daily living aids for anyone who's visually impaired.

Hours of fun for everyone! Don't forget to visit our Toys and Games section! Here, you'll find a card table with Braille playing cards, dominoes, and dice ... board games like Chess, Checkers, and Connect Four ... and wooden brain teasers such as Solitaire, Lost Marble, and 3D puzzles. There's even a toy aisle for kids stocked with Braille building blocks, Wikki Stix, and raised-line drawing boards ... as well as a sporting goods section with audible balls, sound beacons, and more.

In search of that perfect gift, but don't know what on Earth might work? Why not stop by our Gift Shop for some terrific gift ideas. There, you'll find Braille jewelry, calendars, chocolate molds, magnets, bookmarks, key chains - and gift certificates if you're not sure what to get.

All right, folks! If you want to learn Braille, pick up some cool new knick-knacks to intrigue your friends, or need some Braille writing supplies, you should drop into our Braille Workshop . Here, four separate tables have been set up to cater to the needs of Braille readers young and old, experienced or not. With intro booklets, flash cards, charts, and a bunch of brand-new Braille teaching toys, the first two tables will help you learn the alphabet and get others excited about reading by touch. For those more familiar with Braille, or if you're doing a project on this ingenious system of dots, you won't want to miss the other tables, either. They're stacked with piles of Braille hand-outs, lots of great new ideas like alphabet buttons and name cards, and a full compliment of Braille slates, paper, labels, and other necessities.

Are you searching for that Braille book your child's always wanted to get his hands on? Perhaps you'd like to build up your very own library with the best Braille titles around. Or maybe you're one of those avid bookworms who likes to relax for a little while by the fire with a nice, long book? Well, it sounds like the wide selection of Braille books in our Braille Bookstore might be a good place to start.

The perfect thing to go along with any gift! Check out our huge selection of Print/Braille Greeting Cards For any holiday or occasion.

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Clearance Corner.

There's something else you may want to consider while you're here. Our in-house Copy Center is the one-stop solution for all your Braille production needs. There, you can have your menus or brochures converted into Braille, get Braille embossed on your business cards, and order ADA-compliant Braille signs.

Do you have a blind friend who's new to computers? Or do you know someone who simply can't afford one of those expensive screen reading packages? Well ... MarvelSoft's talking software, found in our Computer Lab , is the answer! Talking Toolbox costs just $75, and it'll turn any ordinary computer into a talking machine a blind person can use to do Email, word processing, maintain an address book and calendar, and so much more. Ah, so now you're thinking: "Yes that sounds really cool, but my friend doesn't know how to type ..."? MarvelSoft also offers another hugely popular software package, Talking Typing Teacher, to take care of that one!

If you're looking for some quick shopping ideas, check out our Popular Products display rack. These items are always in hot demand, so you and your friends are sure to find something you like here.

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