Clearance Corner

The ultimate treasure hunt! Yes, it happens. Sometimes, we think a product is going to be a real hit, so we find the best price, write a great description and excitedly add it to our store. And nothing happens. Then, after sitting on our shelves, gathering dust and irritating our shipper for a few years, we discount it. And, if that doesn't work, we slash the price - sometimes by 90%. This stuff has to go, to make room for the things our customers actually want. So pick up one or more of the below products, at absolutely unbelievable prices. We're taking a loss on the items listed here, but we don't care. They won't sell, no matter what we do. Now, we just want them gone! So why don't you grab a great deal, and help us out in the process?

- Braille Preschool Puzzle
Wooden Board and Pieces Make Learn and Play Fun
Item Number: 1303
Available Puzzles: Alphabet, Numbers, Farm, City, Country, Jungle, Shapes, or the Entire Set (for $41.95)
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- Braille Vehicle Puzzle
Take an Imaginary Trip, Put Together a Fun Puzzle
Item Number: 1302
Available Vehicles: Car, School Bus, Boat, Bike, Airplane, or the Entire Set (for $29.95)
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- Sign Language Reference Cards, Twelve-Pack
Detailed ASL Reference for the Basics - and Beyond
Item Number: 1344
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- Classic Credit Card Magnifier
Flat, Small, and Portable - Has 2X Magnification
Item Number: 1161
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- Lighted Rectangular Reader
2X Wide Rectangular Lens - with Built-In Light
Item Number: 1185
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- Easy-Touch Talking Watch
One-Button Design, All-Metal Body, Leather Band,
Item Number: 1006
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- Spanish Talking Watch
Three Cool Alarm Sounds Including Rooster
Item Number: 1010
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Sign Language Cards with Pictures
Shows Sign Language Alphabet with illustrations
Item Number: 1003
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- Portable Speaker Pack
Leather Case for MP3 Player with Built-In Speakers
Item Number: 1053
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- Ball-Up
Stack in the Blocks, Don't Let the Bumps Stop You
Item Number: 6018
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- Magna-Clip
Stick Notes to the Fridge, Keep Brochures Together
Item Number: 6009
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- Bell Rugby Ball
A Normal Rugby Ball - Which Makes a Jingling Sound
Item Number: 6030
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- Handheld Talking Calendar
Atomic, Feature-Rich Timepiece for Those on the Go
Item Number: 6013
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