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Cobolt Talking Measuring Tape

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Metal Tape Measure Announces Reading in Male Voice
Item Number: 1053

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Product Features

  • 16-foot tape measure makes woodworking a breeze.
  • Just push button on the side to hear measurement in clear male voice.
  • Standard print is also shown on measuring tape.
  • Speaks in feet, inches, meters, centimeters or millimeters; converts at the touch of a button.
  • You can include width of case in the total.
  • Cumulative measurements of up to 3,200 feet (1 km)) can be added to memory; retained when unit is switched off.
  • Takes 1 AA battery (included).
  • Measures about 4-3/4 in by 3-1/2 in by 2-1/2 in.
  • Package Weight: about 11.2 ounces.

Product Description

Woodworking is one of those hobbies blind people have always enjoyed, because it's very much a hands-on skill. So, for that empty spot on your workbench or in your carpenter's pouch, why not add a measuring tape that talks to you as you work?

This sixteen-foot metal tape measure will never be far from your hammer and drill. Simply measure a length of wood as you normally would, to determine its exact length. If working with a sighted friend, the measurement is printed on the tape like normal. Unlike normal tapes, however, you can just press the button on the side of the case to instantly hear the precise measurement spoken aloud in a clear, male voice. It speaks in feet, inches, meters, centimeters or millimeters - and converts at the touch of a button. By pressing a button you can include the width of the case in the total as well. Measurements can be added to memory to enable total measurements of almost 3,200 feet (an entire kilometer) and the memory is even retained when the unit is switched off. Takes 1 AA battery - which is included.

Product Directions

Directions for the Cobolt Talking Measuring Tape From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

The features of your tape measure are described below assuming that you are holding the device with its sloping edge to the upper left and the belt clip facing away from you.

There are five buttons on the front face of the case. Two large ones on the top row and three smaller ones on the bottom row. Pressing any of these will have the effect of turning the unit on. If the tape is not fully retracted when you turn the unit on you will hear a warning message.

The top left button will advise you of the total distance stored in the memory. If you press it twice within two seconds the memory will be cleared.

The top right button is used to switch between feet and inches, millimetres, centimetres and metres. This button will also convert any measurements between these units.

The bottom left button adds the current reading to the memory. The maximum distance which can be stored in the memory is nine hundred and ninety nine metres.

The bottom centre button re-sets the tape to zero. This can be done with the tape extended to enable you to compare sizes. It is also possible to measure negative distances in situations where the second measurement is less than the first.

The bottom right button adds the width of the case to the measurement. Normally the spoken distance represents the length of tape which has been pulled out but sometimes it is more convenient to use the back edge of the case - for example if you wish to measure the internal width of a door frame. A second press of this button deducts the case width and returns the reading to normal.

If the tape is fully retracted the unit will turn itself off after ten seconds. If the tape is extended this will happen after thirty seconds. In either event you will be warned five seconds before turn off. Once the tape measure has turned off the current measurement will be lost but the contents of the memory will remain intact.

The tape can be felt protruding from the bottom left edge of the case. To extend the tape it should be pulled out to the left. The flat sloping edge is a button used to retract the tape. This should be pressed at its lower edge. WARNING Use your free hand to control the speed at which the tape retracts. If left free it may retract rapidly and cause injury.

On the bottom edge of the case you will feel a deep groove slightly to the right of centre, running front to back. The right side of the base can be prised open using a fingernail in this groove. This flap can then be opened fully until it is in line with the base. You will feel a sharp metal point on this flap which can be used as a pivot if you wish to describe an arc with the tape. For measurement purposes the point is the same distance from the back of the case as the first hole in the tape is from the end of the tape so if you place the point of a pencil in the first hole and use this to draw a circle or arc the radius will be the measurement spoken which includes the case. i.e. to draw a one metre radius circle extend the tape until it says "one metre including case".

The battery compartment is on the rear of the case. To remove the cover hold the case back uppermost with the sloping edge facing away from you. Support the case with your fingers underneath and your thumbs on top on the flat section closer to you than the belt clip. You will feel the ribbed surface of the battery cover under your thumbs. With your thumbs as close as possible to the edge of the raised section press firmly down with your thumbs to release the catches and slide the cover off towards you. Re-fitting is done by sliding the cover back until it engages with an audible click.

Tape Length: 16 feet/5 metres.
Max in Memory: 999 Metres.
Accuracy: 1/16th of an inch/1mm.
Resolution: + or - 1mm
Battery: 1 x PP3 9v Alkaline.

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