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Talking Tin

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Recordable Magnetic Cap, Label Can with Your Voice
Item Number: 1293

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Product Features

  • Color: Yellow.
  • Label tin cans with a simple voice recording.
  • Talking magnetic cap helps you identify contents of canned food.
  • 20-second message capacity.
  • Two record buttons provide message protection.
  • Press the play button to hear your message.
  • Message can be re-recorded - reuse time and time again.
  • Built-in magnets on underside attach to any steel can.
  • Fits all standard US, UK and Euro tin diameters, including Ring Pulls.
  • Adapters available for other household products, such as bottles, sprays and plastic storage containers.
  • Measures 79MM (3.1") in diameter and 22MM (0.8") thick.
  • Recordings are preserved forever, even if batteries are depleted or replaced.
  • Uses one AG13 battery, included and replaceable.
  • Package Weight: about 2.3 ounces.

Product Description

Talking Tins help blind and low vision people identify the contents of canned food. This product comes in the form of a magnetic cap that sits on top of any sized steel tin can. The cap allows you to record a voice message, which can then be played back at any time with the touch of a button.

Ideal for those who haven't yet learned to read Braille or anyone seeking a low-tech solution to marking canned food, Talking Tins are wonderfully easy to use. Organize your cans in rows, record the name of each one onto a Talking Tin, and stick the magnetic cap to the top of any can. Touch the Play button anytime to hear the message ... Gone are the days of getting cream of mushroom soup when you actually wanted tomato paste! Or, get creative and stick a Talking Tin to any metal object - leave a voice memo on your fridge or a recorded reminder on a metal door.

Each Talking Tin accommodates a recorded message up to 20 seconds in length. Two record buttons provide message protection - and the message can be re-recorded as many times as you wish.

Talking Tin measures just 79 MM (3.1 inches) in diameter, and 22 MM (0.8 inches) thick. Built-in magnets on the underside attach to any steel tin can of any diameter (including Ring Pulls). To attach Talking Tins to other household products, adapters are available and sold separately for bottles, sprays and plastic storage containers.

Recordings are preserved forever, even if the batteries are depleted or replaced. Runs on one AG13 button-cell battery (included and replaceable).

Product Directions

Directions for the Talking Tin From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

How to record a message:
1. Pull the tab on the rear side to activate the battery power. Hold the product in both hands with your thumbs over the two record buttons.
2. Press down with your thumbs and the red light will illuminate to indicate that recording has begun. Ensure that both your thumbs remain pressed down so that the red light remains on while recording. Speak clearly at a distance of approximately six inches, and release your thumbs when you have finished recording.
3. Press the PLAY button once to hear your message.
Note: This product will allow you to record one single 20 second message. You can re-record as many times as you wish. New recorded messages will replace the previous.

How to remove and insert batteries:
Each Talking Tin requires three AG13, (LR44), Button Cell Batteries. One free set of batteries is supplied and fitted in each unit.
1. Remove the U shaped section by loosening the 3 screws.
2. Remove the screw holding the battery compartment cover.
3. Replace all three of the batteries with careful attention to the polarity.
4. Re-assemble in the reverse order.
5. Do NOT charge non-rechargeable batteries.
6. Rechargeable batteries must be removed from this product before being charged.
7. Rechargeable batteries must only the charged under adult supervision.
8. Different types of batteries or new and used batteries must not be mixed.
9. Old exhausted batteries must be removed from this product.
10. The power supply terminals must not be short-circuited.

Elastic Straps and Self-Adhesive Metal Adapters are available to purchase separately. These accessories will allow you to attach your Talking Tin to many other household items such as Bottles, Sprays and Storage Containers. More information about these accessories can be found on our website.

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