Colorino Talking Color Identifier

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Tiny Device that Speaks Colors - and Detects Light
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Product Features

  • Pocket-sized; 5" long, 1-1/2" thick, and 2" wide.
  • Press button closest to speaker (while holding wide end firmly against any object).
  • Hear exact color spoken aloud in clear, concise human speech.
  • Press the other button for built-in light probe signal.
  • Colorino's reliability, durability, and accuracy are world renowned in detecting intensity of light or shades of colors.
  • Detects over 150 shades or nuances of color; distinguishes between intensities of light.
  • Even can tell natural light apart from artificial light.
  • Features 3 volume settings, earphone jack, and Handy carrying case.
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries (included); has a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Package Weight: about 8.8 ounces.

Product Description

Do your socks match? Have you left the light on? Now you can find out independently with this amazing new pocket-sized gadget!

The Colorino is a small, hand-held device that's unbelievably easy to use. In fact, it has only two buttons, and is less than five inches long, an inch and a half thick, and a little under two inches wide. Press the button closest to the speaker (while holding the wide end of the unit firmly against any object), and you'll hear the exact color spoken aloud in clear, concise human speech. The other button activates the built-in light probe, which emits an ever-changing acoustic signal, depending on your distance from the light source.

So how is this useful? To be honest, this little gadget can help you accomplish so many tasks entirely on your own that it's hard to know where to begin. Sorting through mismatched socks, choosing clothes that go well together, determining whether fruit is ripe, identifying products by the package color, distinguishing between colored folders, forms, or assignments can all be achieved with the help of the Colorino! Gone are the days of requiring sighted assistance to sort the lights from the darks in your closet, asking for help picking out the blue-covered book you're supposed to bring with you, or needing your friend to make sure you shut all the lights off before you head out together.

Colorino remains the world's leading, most recognized and well respected brand of talking color detector for the blind. True, numerous other color identifiers have recently hit the market; and even though many of those models are quality products, none beats the Colorino's reliability, durability, or accuracy in detecting intensity of light or shades of colors.

The Colorino detects over 150 different shades or nuances of color and distinguishes not only between intensities of light, but also tells natural light apart from artificial light. This color scanner speaks clearly in English in three different volumes, and has an earphone jack. (To adjust the volume, simply hold down both buttons at once.) The unit runs on two AAA batteries (included), and has a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The product also comes with a carrying case, along with quick-start instructions in ink-print.

Product Directions

Directions for the Colorino Talking Color Identifier From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

The battery compartment is similar to that of a remote control for a television. Flip the unit over so the two buttons and speaker grill are sitting face-down on a table, with the speaker grill facing you. Place your index finger in the groove on top of the far end, and slide your finger back in the groove towards you. About half an inch back you will find a pull-tab. Insert your fingernail into this tab and pull gently towards you. This slips the catch on the battery cover out of the casing and lifts the cover up so you can replace the batteries. It is a press-fit, so to replace, simply line up the edge of the cover and snap it back into position.

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