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Cobolt Talking Color Identifier

Economical Unit that Still Detects 12 Basic Colors
Item Number: 1109

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Product Features

  • Clear English male voice speaks color.
  • Just touch battery-operated, palm-sized color detector to article of clothing.
  • Can detect 12 basic colors, and light, very light, dark, and very dark shades.
  • Colors unit knows are white, grey, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, brown and olive green.
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces: paper, cloth, wood and plastic.
  • Economical, durable, easy to use.
  • Features 3 volume levels and comes with a pair of earphones.
  • Powered by one 9-volt alkaline battery (included).
  • Package Weight: about 6.4 ounces.

Product Description

Here's a portable, compact, easy-to-use talking color identifier - perfect for those on a tighter budget or if only basic color information is required. Simply touch this battery-operated, palm-sized color detector to an article of clothing, and a clear English male voice will speak the color it sees.

This color identifier can detect twelve basic colors, not including variations, like light, very light, dark, and very dark. The key colors the unit knows are white, grey, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, brown and olive green. The cobolt can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cloth, wood and plastic.

The Cobolt Talking Color Identifier offers a choice of three volume levels for speech output, and is also supplied with a pair of earphones. The unit is powered by one nine-volt alkaline battery (included).

Product Directions

Directions for the Cobolt Talking Color Identifier From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Thank you for purchasing your new talking color detector. Please take a few minutes to read these instructions in order to familiarise yourself with its features.

When you receive the detector, it will have it's protective cover fitted and will feel like a rectangular box with a 4 position slide switch on one of the long sides. If you hold it in your right hand with this switch to the right i.e. under your thumb you will feel that the front face has a raised circular speaker grill and a battery compartment with a recessed clip below it. On the bottom edge is a calibration press switch and on the bottom of the back is a bulge which houses the earphone socket. The short edge facing away from you is a detachable dual purpose cover. It protects the sensing mechanism while the device is being carried in a pocket or bag and it contains a white plastic surface which is used during calibration.

For best results the unit should be calibrated regularly, preferably at the start of each session and especially whenever the temperature changes significantly. Start with the cover still in place on the front of the case and the unit switched off. Press and hold the calibration switch while pushing the slide switch to any of the 3 “ON” positions. Release the calibration switch and wait a few seconds for the device to “Beep” then start saying “WHITE”. You can now unclip the cover from the front end of the case and use the detector.

The forward 3 positions adjust the volume of the speech, the rear position turns the detector off. If you prefer to use the earpiece it should be plugged into the socket. Doing this will turn the speaker off.

To obtain the color of a surface, the cover should be removed and clipped onto the opposite end of the case for safekeeping - this can still be done with the earpiece fitted. The detector nozzle should be held flat against the surface to be checked and the color will then be spoken automatically. Please note that it is important that no light enters the detector around the edge of the nozzle if an accurate reading is to be obtained. In practice this just means taking care to hold the nozzle squarely against the surface. If it continues to “Beep” without speaking a color this usually indicates that light is entering around the edge of the nozzle. The case has been shaped to make it as comfortable as possible to hold in several different ways. colors will be repeated continuously and it is recommended that you wait for the second reading after positioning the nozzle.

The detector can see colors in various combinations and shades. Their intensity is indicated by the words LIGHT, DARK, VERY LIGHT & VERY DARK. Low color saturation is indicated by the word GREY.

The device will also work as a light detector. If it is held away from a surface it will beep in daylight or artificial light.

It is recommended that the cover be kept fitted to the device at all times to protect both the detectors and the calibration device. If this white surface gets discolored or damaged, the readings will become inaccurate. Should this happen, please contact the manufacturer to obtain a new cover.

Take care not to allow anything to be pushed inside the nozzle to avoid damage to the sensors.

The device uses 1 x PP3 9v alkaline battery held in a compartment on the flat face below the speaker grill. The cover clip can be felt in a recess. The clip should be pulled gently towards the back of the case to release the cover and allow it to hinge up.

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