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Braille Letter

Personalized 1-2 Page Note, Brailled Just for You
Item Number: 1244

Price: $13.95

What do you want your Braille letter to say?
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Product Features

  • Send a Braille letter to someone special.
  • Type - or paste - your message, then we'll Braille it for you.
  • Maximum length is 1 to 2 pages, (5,000 characters, or about 1,100 words).
  • By default, letter is embossed in Unified English Braille.
  • Printed on 8.5" X 11" plain white card stock.
  • Package Weight: about 1.8 ounces.

Product Description

Want to send a longer note to your Braille-reading friend? Feeling too limited by the 50-word maximum on our Braille Greeting Cards? Here's how you can send a full-length Braille letter - without even knowing Braille yourself!

Just type (or copy and paste) the text of a one- or two-page letter you'd like to send into the edit field. It can be an annual family update, a wedding invitation or a business proposal. Whatever you want to say, we produce your message in Braille, so your blind friend can read it independently.

Please keep your text to 5,000 characters or less - that's about 1,100 words. Your letter will be embossed in contracted Unified English Braille on 8.5inch by 11-inch plain white card stock.

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