Braille Valentine's Day Cards

Now comes the fun part! We have 27 Valentine's Day cards to pick from, and I'll show them to you now. When you see one that looks good, just click "Take a Closer Look".

What's a Valentine
Card says: What is a Valentine? It's a little lace, a fancy bow, a pretty flower or two, A touch of sweet nostalgia and a rhyme like true and blue. But it's really not a Valentine, till someone puts within it Some love, just like the Valentine you're holding right this minute! Happy Valentine's Day. Take a Closer Look

Only You
Card says: I'll bring you the sunshine to comfort your tears, I'll gather up rainbows and chase all your fears. As long as forever my love will be true, For as long as I live ... I'll love only you! Take a Closer Look

Year Around
Card says: You give me so much Sweetheart, your patience, trust, and love, Your way of understanding dreams I've never spoken of, Your comfort when I'm troubled, your strong hand holding mine, No wonder I think of you as my year-around Valentine! Take a Closer Look

Roses are Red
Card says: Roses are red, violets are blue, My favorite Valentine will always be you! Take a Closer Look

Did Without You
Card says: Before I ever saw your gentle smile Before I ever had you here to turn to, to laugh with and to talk with for a while. Before I had you always by my side, Before you ever warmed my heart with kindness Before you ever filled my heart with pride. I don't know how I ever did without you. I know I couldn't do without you now. Have a very happy valentine's day, Sweetheart. Take a Closer Look

Year Ahead
Card says: A wish with love on Valentine's day This comes with love to hope you'll have a happy valentine's day the kind that you'll remember in a very special way. And with that very special wish come far more wishes too that the year ahead is filled with joy and happiness for you. Take a Closer Look

Forever Love
Card says: Ours is a love that will last forever. I will be yours till the end of time. Happy Valentine's Day, Honey! Take a Closer Look

Brief, I Love You
Card says: I have just three words for you today. I Love You. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Flame
Card says: Love is a flame that burns bright eternally. Always and forever yours. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Sunbeams
Card says: The sunbeams of my heart shall shine, This day on you, my Valentine. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Dreams
Card says: You stepped out of my dreams ... and into my arms. I can't let you go. Happy Valentine's Day. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Gift of Love
Card says: When we're together, there is no need for words. The gift of your love is greater than any riches. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Lover's Land
Card says: There's nothing I would rather do, Than walk through Lover's Land with you! Take a Closer Look

Brief, Happiness Always
Card says: With loving Valentine's wishes. Happy Valentine's day, Happiness always. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Secret Admirer
Card says: This is a Valentine from a secret admirer. Take a Closer Look

Flowers, Token of Love
Card says: These flowers are a small token of my love for you. You are my fondest wish, and my brightest dream. Have a truly wonderful Valentine's Day. Take a Closer Look

Flowers, Garden
Card says: Life without your love would be like a garden with no flowers. Because of you my world is a better place. Take a Closer Look

Heart, Speak
Card says: It's a day to speak from the heart, And my heart simply says, I Love You. To my one and only Valentine. Take a Closer Look

Heart, Lifts
Card says: When you speak, my heart lifts. When you smile, my heart sings. When we kiss, my heart melts. Take a Closer Look

Humorous, First Date
Card says: Thank goodness you said "Yes" to our first date. Take a Closer Look

First, Kitten
Card says: On our first Valentine's day, with love. Cute as a kitten, And very dear too, Can you guess who that is? Baby, that's you! Have a happy Valentine's day. Take a Closer Look

Husband, What's Happiness
Card says: What is happiness? It's love. A dream that's shared by two, It's a feeling that keeps growing whether love is old or new. What is happiness? It's love. A tender touch, a smile. It's finding one who makes your life more meaningful and worth while. Because of all the joy you've brought, right from the very start This valentine is bringing you my thanks, my love, my heart. Happy valentine's day, Darling. Take a Closer Look

Wife, Sharing Things
Card says: Happy Valentine's Day, to my wife. We always share the blankets dear, we always share the TV, We always share our midnight snacks, we share a shopping spree we always share the family car, we share the bathroom too, But nothing Honey is half as great as sharing my life with you! Take a Closer Look

Sister and Husband, Talent
Card says: For sister and her husband. You're a twosome with a talent For being kind and dear A perfect kind of couple Who is loved all through the year. Happy Valentine's Day. Take a Closer Look

Sister and Husband, Nicest Anywhere
Card says: For a very special sister and her husband. You're a very special couple, so it isn't hard to guess, Why this valentine holds wishes for your year around happiness, And why it brings best wishes for the two of you to share, Because you're a special couple, yes the nicest anywhere! Take a Closer Look

Daughter and Husband
Card says: For a wonderful daughter and son-in-law. Your love is your happiness, and that happiness we share, Because you mean so much to us because we really care. And on this day for Valentine's, we wish you dreams come true, And all the best that life can give, each day the whole year through. Take a Closer Look

Young Man, Special
Card says: For a boy who's special. A boy who grows up real fine, A nice boy through and through, Is going to get this Valentine ... And sure enough, that's you! Happy Valentines. Take a Closer Look

Card says: Nothing. It is blank to allow you to add your own message. Take a Closer Look