Braille Retirement Cards

Now comes the fun part! We have 13 Retirement cards to pick from, and I'll show them to you now. When you see one that looks good, just click "Take a Closer Look".

Special Time
Card says: Retirement is a time to look back with satisfaction, A time to look ahead with anticipation, A time to fill each day with enjoyment, A very special time for you! Congratulations. Take a Closer Look

New Joys
Card says: May you look back with pride on everything you've accomplished-, And look forward with pleasure to the new joys ahead. Congratulations on your Retirement! Take a Closer Look

Made a Difference
Card says: You have traveled far on life's journey, And touched so many along the way. You've made a difference, and have reason to be proud. Congratulations on Your Retirement. Take a Closer Look

Well-earned Rest
Card says: Happy retirement. Find the fun in everything and enjoy the simple joys of the heart. Hope you'll take a small, well-earned rest And as the days unfold May you know of all the special joys The years ahead can hold. Take a Closer Look

Adventures and Fulfillment
Card says: For a great day on your retirement. Hope the days ahead are a time of new adventures and new fulfillment. Congrats! Take a Closer Look

Humorous, Monday Morning
Card says: What is it that retired people can do that hardly anybody else can do? Wake up in a good mood on Monday mornings! Congratulations on your retirement. Take a Closer Look

Humorous, Grand Old Time
Card says: Have a grand old time! It's a new beginning! It's a long-awaited dream! It's your retirement! Enjoy! (You've earned it!) Take a Closer Look

Brief, Open the Door
Card says: May your retirement open the door to a whole new world of enjoyment, adventure, and happiness. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Important Things
Card says: Finally! You're going to have time for the important things life has to offer. Enjoy your retirement! Take a Closer Look

Goodbye, Will be Missed
Card says: No words can express how much you will be missed around here. Congratulations on your retirement. All the best. Take a Closer Look

Goodbye, Future
Card says: You're on the road to a new future. Enjoy it, and don't forget to keep in touch. Take a Closer Look

Goodbye, Free Time
Card says: Congratulations. Enjoy your free time, But don't forget to drop a line. Take a Closer Look

Goodbye, Without You
Card says: Things just won't be the same here without you around. Don't forget about us! Take a Closer Look

Card says: Nothing. It is blank to allow you to add your own message. Take a Closer Look