Braille Mother's Day Cards

Now comes the fun part! We have 19 Mother's Day cards to pick from, and I'll show them to you now. When you see one that looks good, just click "Take a Closer Look".

More Smiles
Card says: To a mother who's brought more smiles to my life than she could ever know. May this day be as bright as the memories you've collected through the years, And as special as the wishes I wish for you today. Happy Mother's Day. Take a Closer Look

Special Meaning
Card says: Our mother's day wishes for you. You're a very special person, so of course on mother's day, There's a lot of special meaning in the wish that comes your way. For those we love who fill our thoughts each day throughout the year, But somehow on such days as this they seem especially dear. That's why our thoughts are turning now, as they so often do, Lovingly and gratefully to someone dear like you. Happy mother's day. Take a Closer Look

Thanking You
Card says: Thinking of you, and thanking you too, For the warmhearted, wonderful Mom things you do! You're always loving and caring, giving and sharing. Happy Mother's Day, With Love. Take a Closer Look

Loving Thoughts
Card says: For a special Mom. With many loving thoughts of you, For all you've done and all you do, This special greeting comes your way, To wish you a happy Mother's Day. Take a Closer Look

Beautiful Place
Card says: You make each day a little brighter, and the world is a more beautiful place because of you. Thank you for all the little things you do, for giving so much of yourself, and for always believing in me. Happy Mother's Day Take a Closer Look

Humorous, Gray Hair
Card says: From the one who put the joy in your eye, The pride in your heart ... And the gray in your hair. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Take a Closer Look

Card says: Sometimes the miles don't seem to matter much When we send special wishes to help us keep in touch. Enjoy your special day, Mom! Take a Closer Look

Bless You
Card says: Bless you for the things you do and for the things you say, bless you for the way you have of bringing joy each day, bless you for your generous heart, and being thoughtful, too, But most of all, my Mom, God bless you… for being you. Happy Mother's Day. Take a Closer Look

Combining Wishes
Card says: Our wishes for you on Mother's Day: We're combining our good wishes, and we're going to say, Sure hope that lots of pleasant things will fill your Mother's Day, And then throughout the coming year, we sure hope you have the best, Of all that means the most to you, and makes you happiest. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Missing
Card says: Know what, Mom? Kids who don't have you for a mom have no idea what they're missing! Hope you have the best Mother's Day ever! Take a Closer Look

Brief, Wonderful You
Card says: Wishing a perfectly wonderful day to perfectly wonderful you! Happy Mother's Day. Take a Closer Look

Still There
Card says: Mom, even though I'm not so little anymore, I'm so glad you're still there! Have a great Mother's Day. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Great Mom
Card says: Behind every great kid is an even greater mom! Have a happy Mother's Day! Take a Closer Look

Brief, Special Day
Card says: To the greatest Mom, We hope every day is special, but especially today. Take a Closer Look

Kid, Mommy Hugs
Card says: For Mommy, with love, There's never been a special wish as full of love as this is-- It's bringing just for Mommy hugs and sure-do-love-you kisses Happy Mommy's Day! Xoxoxo Take a Closer Look

Daughter, Dear
Card says: For a wonderful daughter. Each thought within this greeting is filled with lots of love, Each wish is for the special things you're fondly dreaming of. But they're not for today alone, they're for each day all year, And every one sincerely meant for you, because you're so dear. Happy Mother's Day, happiness always. Take a Closer Look

Humorous, Shopping
Card says: To my Mom, my very first friend. Having you for a mom has helped me discover a very important aspect of our heritage. The shopping gene is dominant in our family! Take a Closer Look

Humorous, Housework
Card says: It's Mother's Day, Mom, So don't do anything I wouldn't do ... the dishes, the laundry, or the vacuuming. Take a Closer Look

Sister, Friends Anyway
Card says: For my sister on Mother's Day It's lovely to think how the closeness we share has grown year by year, day by day, How we always feel so at ease with each other in anything we do and say, And I'd like to think if we hadn't been sisters, we would have been friends anyway. Happy Mother's Day. Take a Closer Look

Card says: Nothing. It is blank to allow you to add your own message. Take a Closer Look