Lost Marble

Try to Roll the Marble out of the Hidden Maze

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Product Features

A game of patience and strategy.
Small, rectangular box with a hole at the top.
Features a hidden maze inside.
Try to roll marble through maze so it will come out again.

Product Description:

Here's a cute one! This small, rectangular box looks just like a painted block of wood, with a hole at the top. The hole is just big enough to let the included marble slide into ... and disappear. The game has begun. You see, this harmless little box has a very big secret - there's a hidden maze inside. The moment you drop that marble into the hole, it slides down and enters the maze. Sometimes it seems the more you role and twist the box, the further down it goes - and often it's true. The trick is to keep your cool; shaking the box in annoyence won't get you anywhere. You have to be slow and careful; gently rolling the box in your hand. Gradually, the marble will move backword along the maze, and you'll hit pay dirt. So this thing is adictive. You put the marble in, you know it must come out. It's a question of time ... and patience!

Measures about 4 in. by 3 in. by 1 in.

Package Weight: about 3.5 ounces.

(From the Brain Teasers shelf.)

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