Card Games

Braille playing cards make it possible for blind players to enjoy a game of cards with their sighted friends - and we have many different games available.

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- Braille Playing Cards, Regular
Cardboard Cards, Stored in Snap-Shut Plastic Box
Item Number: 1149
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- Braille Playing Cards, Plastic
Washable and Durable--with Large-Print and Braille
Item Number: 1150
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- E-Z See Playing Cards
Large Print, High Contrast Cards - Easy to See
Item Number: 1151
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- Marinoff Playing Cards
Durable Low Vision Cards - With Oversized Printing
Item Number: 1152
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- Jumbo Playing Cards
Huge Cards Measure 3" by 5", Also Have Large Print
Item Number: 1153
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- Braille Pinochle Cards
Meld Cards and Win Tricks, Be First to 1500 Points
Item Number: 1154
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- Braille Uno Cards
The Much-Loved Family Card Game, in a Plastic Case
Item Number: 1155
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- Playing Card Tray
Wooden Holder Keeps Pickup/Discard Piles Separate
Item Number: 1157
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- Travel Card Tray
Wooden Box Keeps Cards In Order - Comes with Lid
Item Number: 1158
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- Wooden Poker Chips (Tactile)
100 Wooden Chips, Each Color a Different Shape
Item Number: 1159
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- Card Games for Everyone
Braille Book with Rules for 20 Popular Card Games
Item Number: 1160
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- Bingo Playing Board (Brailled)
Hard-Plastic Card with Large Print and Braille
Item Number: 1161
Available Packages: 1 Count (for $6.95), 5 Count (for $32.95), 10 Count (for $59.95), or 25 Count (for $124.95)
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- Bingo Call Numbers (Brailled)
Braille Foam Tiles with Numbers from 1 to 75
Item Number: 1162
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- Bingo Call Board (Brailled)
Plastic Board to Hold Numbers After They're Called
Item Number: 1163
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- Bingo Family Pack (Brailled)
Set of Four Playing Boards, Call Numbers, and More
Item Number: 1164
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- Braille Rule Book
Slim Braille Pamphlet Containing Rules for a Game
Item Number: 1165
Available Games: Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Nine Men's Morris, Othello, Parcheesi, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect Four, Shut the Box, Racing Crown, Backgammon, Snakes and Ladders, Pinochle, Uno, Phase 10, Skip-Bo, Rook, Crib, Poker, Bingo, or Yahtzee
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