Bingo Call Board (Brailled)

Plastic Board to Hold Numbers After They're Called

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Product Features

Contains 3 Braille bingo boards, with numbers in regular sequence.
Features squares on the boards to easily fit the Bingo Call Numbers.
Securely hold call numbers in place for quick reference.
Become a Bingo pro with this well-adapted package.

Product Description:

Once you've selected a Braille number and called it out, you'll want to put it somewhere. That's just what this set of plastic boards is for. This package contains three Braille bingo boards, with the numbers in regular sequence. The first column (labeled B) on the first board has numbers 1 through five, and the second board has numbers 6 to ten in the B column. Similarly, the I column on board number one has numbers 16 through 20, the second board has squares labeled 21 to 25 ... you get the idea. In this way, you can place the numbers you've already called in the correct place on the board, so you can refer back to them in order after the round is over. Of course, the indented squares on these boards are designed to fit the Bingo Call Numbers, so they fit in snugly and don't move around or slide out of place.

Package Weight: about 5.6 ounces.

(From the Card Games shelf.)

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