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Blind children like to play just as much as their sighted friends do. Here are a few toys that every kid will enjoy, whether they have sight or not!

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- Pop Tube
Pull-Apart Toy with Great Sound Effects
Item Number: 1307
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- Wikki Stix
Create all Sorts of Raised Crafts and Drawings
Item Number: 1291
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- Raised-Line Drawing Board
Make Tactile Pictures with a Regular Pen and Paper
Item Number: 1292
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- Rattle Egg, Three-Pack
3 Small Plastic Balls, Each with a Rattler Inside
Item Number: 1299
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- Learning Time Clock
Raised-Dot Clock Face with Large, Moving Hands
Item Number: 1300
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- Braille Animal Puzzle
Learn About our World with These Wooden Puzzles
Item Number: 1301
Available Puzzles: Camel, Cat, Dog, Dolphin, Duck, Fish, Giraffe, Pelican, Penguin, Human, or the Entire Set (for $62.95)
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- Braille Vehicle Puzzle
Take an Imaginary Trip, Put Together a Fun Puzzle
Item Number: 1302
Available Vehicles: Car, School Bus, Boat, Bike, Airplane, or the Entire Set (for $29.95)
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- Braille Preschool Puzzle
Wooden Board and Pieces Make Learn and Play Fun
Item Number: 1303
Available Puzzles: Alphabet, Numbers, Farm, City, Country, Jungle, Shapes, or the Entire Set (for $41.95)
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- Wooden Shape Sorter
Compare Shapes and Sizes - and Learn to Count
Item Number: 1304
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- Rattle Ball
3", Hard-Plastic Ball - A Hit with Young Children
Item Number: 1305
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