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Braille Alphabet Blocks

Learn Your ABCs While Playing with Wooden Blocks
Item Number: 1334

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Product Features

  • Mix Braille with play using these wooden building blocks.
  • Trace debossed print letters and embossed jumbo Braille with fingertips.
  • Clean European-style font for tactile clarity.
  • Set consists of 28 1.75" cubes.
  • Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood.
  • Printed with safe-to-touch inks.
  • 100% made in the USA.
  • For ages 2+.
  • Package Weight: about 2.5 pounds.

Product Description

Stacking. Sorting. Building giant towers and elaborate structures. Some of our earliest memories are of playing blocks with older siblings, parents and teachers. Mix Braille with play when you add this beautiful set of wooden building blocks to your child's toybox!

This is an educational toy for blind kids and their friends and loved-ones. Use your fingertips to trace the clean, European-style font that accompanies every Braille letter. Feel the attention to detail in every hand-crafted cube.

The manufacturer has strategically devoted one letter to each block. This means you'll discover the same Braille letter debossed on two sides of every block. One debossed side is paired with its font equivalent. A font without serifs was chosen to enhance tactile clarity. The other embossed side is Braille only. These blocks are a pleasure to touch and, yes, the jumbo Braille dots can easily be felt.

This set consists of 28 1.75-inch cubes. Blocks are made using sustainable Midwestern basswood and are printed with safe-to-touch inks. 100% made in the USA! For ages 2 and up.

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