Braille Word Board

Spell out Words and Names, Using Letter Tiles

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Product Features

Beautifully painted wooden board, a little larger than a regular sheet of paper.
Features Braille letter in top left corner and raised-print upper-case letter in bottom right corner.
Board boasts 130 squares (10 rows of 13).
Tiles fit snugly into the square of your choice Spell out words, names, phrases, entire sentences, small crossword puzzles or scrabble games.
Innovative learning tool for children and adults.
Works well in a group setting.
Includes 98 plastic Braille alphabet tiles.

Product Description:

This beautifully-painted wooden board is just a little larger than a regular sheet of paper. On the board are 130 separate squares - ten rows of thirteen. Each square has a hole in the center for holding one of the 98 plastic Braille alphabet tiles that come with the set. The square peg on the bottom of each tile fits snuggly into any indented square on the board - it's such a good fit, in fact, that you can even flip the board right upside-down and none of the tiles will fall out.

Anyhow, using the various tiles (each of which has a Braille letter in the top left corner and the raised-print upper-case letter in the bottom right corner) you can spell out words, names, phrases ... even entire sentences. You can also create a small crossword puzzle or scrabble game on the board.

In short, this set affords young and old Braille learners alike a fun and unique way to practice reading by touch. It's also ideally suited to group learning settings, where students can take turns inserting letter tiles to form words and sentences, then ask others to read back what they've put together!

Package Weight: about 1.4 pounds.

(From the Hands-On Braille shelf.)

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