Braille Playing Cards, Regular

Cardboard Cards, Stored in Snap-Shut Plastic Box

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Product Features

Deck includes 54 cardboard playing cards.
Cards sport Braille on two corners, and full-color printing.
Deck comes packed in a hard-Plastic case.

Product Description:

Here's a regular print deck of playing cards (with Braille added), so blind and sighted players alike can enjoy a family card game. Yes - we've selected a standard deck just like what you'd find in local stores, so the cards are the same size, same colored suits, etc., as you'd expect - just with Braille on them. And because these thick, expensive-looking cards are laminated, if they get spilled on, all you need do is wipe them off with a damp cloth. Plus, the cards themselves come in a sturdy plastic box which actually snaps closed ... No more trying to make a crushed cardboard box hold your cards - again! For anyone who enjoys games (most of us love them, right)?, you can't go wrong with this deck of cards!

Measures about 4 in. by 3 in. by 1 in.

Package Weight: about 3.5 ounces.

(From the Card Games shelf.)

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