Braille Letter Keychain

Twist the Cube to Make Different Braille Letters

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Product Features

Allows you to make different Braille letters just by twisting the cube.
Unique design.
Attached to a copper-colored metal chain with a key ring.
Has a plastic rectangle that rotates in 3 sections.
Cube is bright yellow with black dots on it; good contrast.

Product Description:

This has got to be the most unusual keychain you've ever seen! Attached to a copper-colored metal chain with a key ring is a plastic rectangle that rotates in three sections, somewhat like the popular Rubic's Cube. As you turn the various parts, different Braille characters are formed. In other words, as you twist each of the sections, you create a different Braille letter or number. (Don't worry; it sounds much more complicated than it actually is.) The cube itself is bright yellow, and the dots are black, so it offers a nice contrast. Not only is our Braille keychain an original way for you to carry your keys, but it's bound to intrigue your friends the next time you're asked about what the Braille alphabet looks like!

Package Weight: about 0.9 ounces.

(From the Brain Teasers shelf.)

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