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Talking Dome Clock

Jumbo Talk Button, Speaks Time/Date, Male Voice
Item Number: 1264

Price: $19.95 (Regularly $29.95) Shipping: FREE From our Distribution Center
Include package of Four AAA batteries for $1.25?

Product Features

  • Color: Blue.
  • Speaks both date and time.
  • Features one large button on top measuring 3" in diameter.
  • Very clear male voice.
  • Sports volume control, high and low.
  • Set clock in no time.
  • Excellent for those who are hard of hearing.
  • Measures about 4 in by 3 in.
  • Package Weight: about 6.1 ounces.

Product Description

You'll love this unique, easy-to-use clock! The round clock base measures 4 inches in diameter and the easy-to-see speak button itself measures 3 inches across. The clock will speak the time in a clear male voice with one tap of the large button. A second tap of the button will provide the date - "The date is November 21, Sunday." The dome clock also has a Hi/Lo sliding volume switch on it's underside.

Setting the clock is simple. There is a Set button on its underside which speaks readily throughout its set menu. We've never seen such an easy clock to use, with such superb speech!

Clock uses 3 AAA batteries (not included.)

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