Talking Watches

All of our talking watches speak the time in a clear, human voice. They are ideal for blind people, as every feature is usable by someone without sight.

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- Classic Talking Watch
Affordable Tried-and-True Model with Clear Voice
Item Number: 1001
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- Ladies Talking Watch
Small, Lightweight Model--Made for a Slender Wrist
Item Number: 1002
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- Water Resistant Talking Watch
Stylish, Lightweight Unisex Watch that Sheds Water
Item Number: 1003
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- Spanish Talking Watch
Three Cool Alarm Sounds Including Rooster
Item Number: 6001
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- Talking Sports Watch
Loaded with Features, Clear Voice and Lightweight
Item Number: 1004
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- Talking Memo Watch
Listen to the Time ... Plus Record 10-Second Memos
Item Number: 1005
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- Deluxe Talking Watch
High-End and Stylish, with Sturdy Metal Band
Item Number: 1006
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- Talking Calendar Watch
Handsome Analog Face, 1 Button, Time and Date Talk
Item Number: 1007
Available Styles: Mens, or Ladies
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- Atomic Talking Watch
Attractive Calendar Watch, With a Clear Male Voice
Item Number: 1008
Available Types: Mens, or Ladies
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