Talking Clocks

We have a wide selection of talking clocks in various sizes and styles. They speak the time at the touch of a button - perfect for someone who can't see.

22 products on this shelf.

- Talking Keychain Clock
The Ultimate Talking Pocket Watch
Item Number: 1012
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- Talking Travel Clock
A Traveler's Dream Clock: Basic, Small, and Loud
Item Number: 1013
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- Easy-Touch Talking Clock
Temporarily out of stock. Usually ships in April 2016.
Elegant Half-Circle Clock - With Huge TALK Button
Item Number: 1014
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- Talking Table Clock
Back to Simplicity - Loud Speech, Large Display
Item Number: 1015
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- Orb Talking Clock
Futuristic Space Look, Just Whack to Hear Time
Item Number: 1016
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- Talking UFO Clock
Large Display, Press to Hear Time and Temperature
Item Number: 1017
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- Pyramid Talking Clock
Unique Shape with One-Button Design and Loud Voice
Item Number: 1018
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Talking Keychain Calendar
Temporarily out of stock. Usually ships in March 2016.
A Talking Clock for your Keyring, Speaks Date Also
Item Number: 1028
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Talking Keychain Thermometer
Temporarily out of stock. Usually ships in 1.

Item Number: 1022
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- Talking Calendar Clock
One Button, Circle Shaped, Male Voice, Loud Speech
Item Number: 1386
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- Talking Cube Clock
One-Button Design, Clear Male Voice, Loud Speech
Item Number: 1019
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- Deluxe Talking Clock
The Only Clock with Four Alarms and a Stopwatch
Item Number: 1020
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- Talking Thermometer Clock
Deluxe Model, with Large Display and Human Voice
Item Number: 1021
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- All-Purpose Talking Clock
A Talking Weather Station, Sturdy and Feature-Rich
Item Number: 1023
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- Four-in-One Talking Superclock
Pocket-Sized Calendar Clock, Loaded with Features
Item Number: 1024
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- Atomic Talking Clock
Elegant, Feature-Rich Calendar - Which Has it All
Item Number: 1025
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- Moshi Voice-Controlled Talking Table Clock
Use Only Your Voice to Get the Time, Date and More
Item Number: 1026
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- Moshi Voice-Controlled Talking Travel Clock
Smaller, Sleeker Model, With All the Same Features
Item Number: 1027
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Jenda Talking Calendar
Record Reminders and Messages with Your own Voice
Item Number: 1388
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- Talking Memo Pen
Speaks the Time, Records a Memo, Writes Like a Pen
Item Number: 1029
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- Spanish Talking Clock
Affordable Desk Clock, Great for Around the Home
Item Number: 1030
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- Time Setting

Item Number: 1322
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