All-Purpose Talking Clock

A Talking Weather Station, Sturdy and Feature-Rich
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Time Setting

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If you like, we can set the time on your new watch to the timezone of your choice. This service costs $5.00.

Time Setting:

Product Features

  • Speaks time, temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), and humidity.
  • Has built-in timer.
  • One daily alarm.
  • Can speak time in either 12 or 24-hour format.
  • Heavy-duty, stylish, cube-shaped clock.
  • Features high-quality female voice and digital display.
  • Buttons on top of clock in a circular pattern.
  • Clock will even announce time left on timer when Talk button is pressed.
  • Takes 4 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Measures about 4-3/4 in by 3 in by 2-3/4 in.
  • Package Weight: about 9.9 ounces.

Product Description

Made for almost any room and lifestyle, this heavy-duty, stylish clock boasts all the features you could ever ask for in a timepiece - and more. Its cube-like shape makes it easy to find a place for, be it your kitchen counter or RV front table. And the features it offers make it an asset to any room.

All the buttons are found on the top of the clock in a circular pattern. The Talk button is in the center, and gives you all the information you need to make a plan. "It is 5:49 PM. The temperature is 70.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is 47 percent." Right away, you know you're late for your dinner date, it's too hot for your guests, but the humidity is just fine.

But that's not all. The clock can speak the time in either 12 or 24-hour format. With the press of a single button, you can access the built-in timer, perfect for makeing sure you don't burn your cookies - or tonight's roast beef. The clock will even announce how much time is left on the timer when you hit the Talk button, something no other Talking Timer will do. This clock is the RV-lover's dream, and the one-stop solution for a crowded apartment or basement suite. It even has rubber feet to keep it from sliding around, making it a great choice for even a large kitchen. It's an alarm clock that speaks the time and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, has a built-in timer, and can even announce the humidity! Takes 4 AAA batteries, not included.

Product Directions

Directions for the All-Purpose Talking Clock From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

After inserting 4 AAA batteries into your new clock, place it on a table in front of you with the display screen facing you and the buttons on the top.

Buttons. In the center is the Talk button. To the left is Plus, and to the right is Minus.
In front of the Talk button are two buttons. The front-left is Set, and the front-right is Mode.
Behind the Talk button is a single large button called Timer.
On the back of the clock, there is a switch to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Setting the time. Press Mode and the clock announces Time Set. Press Set and you hear Hour Set. Press Plus and Minus to set the hour, then press Set again. The clock announces Minute set, so use Plus and Minus to set the minutes. Press Talk to hear what the time is set for at any time.
To toggle between 12 and 24-hour time announcement, press Set a third time and a beep is heard. Press Plus or Minus, and either 12 or 24 is heard, indicating the format of time that will be spoken.

Setting the alarm. Press Mode until Alarm Set is heard, and repeat the procedure described for setting the time. When finished, press Mode until "Time" is heard. Press Plus to turn the alarm on and off. If the alarm is on, Press Minus to toggle Snooze on and off.

Using the timer. Press Timer, and Countdown Timer is heard. It is set on 10 minutes. Press Timer to increase the number of minutes by 10. Press Plus or Minus to start.

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