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Multi-Memo Voice Recorder

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Economical, Tactile and Compact, Records 6 Minutes
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Product Features

  • Small, affordable digital voice recorder.
  • Measures just 3" (80MM) in diameter and 0.5" (14MM) thick.
  • Records up to 60 messages, with a total recording capacity of 6 minutes.
  • Ideal for shopping lists, phone numbers, appointments and reminders.
  • Voice memos are re-recordable - use time and time again.
  • Five simple buttons, plus on/off and message-lock switches.
  • Recordings are preserved forever, even if the batteries are depleted or replaced.
  • Batteries are included and replaceable, 3 X AG13 button cells.

Product Description

Here's an easy-to-use, tactile and compact digital voice recorder. Record and play back multiple voice memos on the move using a simple five-button keypad. Measuring just three inches in diameter and half an inch thick, the unit has no display screen and thus is 100% accessible for blind users.

Multi-Memo allows you to record and play six minutes of speech, music or sound effects via its built-in microphone and Speaker. It can record and store multiple messages, with a total recording capacity of 6 minutes (360 seconds).

Up to 60 voice messages can be saved and stored on the device and then played back one at a time by using the skip forward and skip backward buttons. Individual messages can also be deleted if/when required.

This travel-sized, economical recorder is ideal for creating and retrieving shopping lists, phone numbers, emergency contacts, doctors appointments and general reminders. It has five simple buttons: Record, Play, Next (skip forwards), Previous (skip backwards) and Erase. It also has an on/off switch, and a message lock switch to protect your recorded voice memos from being accidentally deleted.

Messages are re-recordable, so the unit can be used time and time again. Recordings are preserved forever, even if the batteries are depleted or replaced. Runs on three AG13 button-cell batteries, which are included and replaceable.

Product Directions

Directions for the Multi-Memo Voice Recorder From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Multi-Memo is a high quality voice recorder that will allow you to record, store and playback multiple voice messages. Total recording time is six minutes.

How to switch on and off:
The power ON/OFF switch is located on the rear side.

How to record a message:
Press and hold the RECORD button to start recording and release the button to stop. When the button is pressed, the red light will illuminate to indicate that recording is in progress. You will also hear a 'beep' sound to indicate recording has begun and then a second 'beep' sound to indicate recording has finished.
Repeat these steps to record additional messages. The total recording duration is six minutes, (360 seconds). You can record a maximum of 60 separate messages.

How to play a message:
Press the PLAY button once to playback the last recorded message. If you wish to stop the playback at any time, press the PLAY button once.

How to locate messages:
Press the NEXT or PREVIOUS button once and the message will begin to play. Repeat as necessary to find the message you require.
NOTE: To skip directly to the last message, press and hold the NEXT button for 3 seconds. To skip directly to the first message, press and hold the PREVIOUS button for 3 seconds.

How to erase a message:
Locate the message you wish to erase and then press the ERASE button once. The red light will flash once and you will hear a 'beep' sound to confirm.
NOTE: To erase all messages, press and hold the ERASE button and the PREVIOUS button together for 15 seconds. Red light will flash and a 'beep' will confirm.

How to protect your messages:
There is a LOCK switch located on the rear side. The ERASE Button and RECORD Button can be disabled by sliding this switch to the left position.

Battery information:
Rating: 1.5 volts x 3 (4.5 volts)
Type : Button Cell AG13 / LR44 x 3

Safety information:
Please keep this information for further reference.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Batteries must be fitted with the correct polarity.
Old batteries must be disposed of properly.
Product not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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