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Multi-Memo Voice Recorder

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Economical, Tactile and Compact, Records 6 Minutes
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Product Features

  • Small, affordable digital voice recorder.
  • Measures just 3" (80MM) in diameter and 0.5" (14MM) thick.
  • Records up to 60 messages, with a total recording capacity of 6 minutes.
  • Ideal for shopping lists, phone numbers, appointments and reminders.
  • Voice memos are re-recordable - use time and time again.
  • Five simple buttons, plus on/off and message-lock switches.
  • Recordings are preserved forever, even if the batteries are depleted or replaced.
  • Batteries are included and replaceable, 3 X AG13 button cells.

Product Description

Here's an easy-to-use, tactile and compact digital voice recorder. Record and play back multiple voice memos on the move using a simple five-button keypad. Measuring just three inches in diameter and half an inch thick, the unit has no display screen and thus is 100% accessible for blind users.

Multi-Memo allows you to record and play six minutes of speech, music or sound effects via its built-in microphone and Speaker. It can record and store multiple messages, with a total recording capacity of 6 minutes (360 seconds).

Up to 60 voice messages can be saved and stored on the device and then played back one at a time by using the skip forward and skip backward buttons. Individual messages can also be deleted if/when required.

This travel-sized, economical recorder is ideal for creating and retrieving shopping lists, phone numbers, emergency contacts, doctors appointments and general reminders. It has five simple buttons: Record, Play, Next (skip forwards), Previous (skip backwards) and Erase. It also has an on/off switch, and a message lock switch to protect your recorded voice memos from being accidentally deleted.

Messages are re-recordable, so the unit can be used time and time again. Recordings are preserved forever, even if the batteries are depleted or replaced. Runs on three AG13 button-cell batteries, which are included and replaceable.

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