Baykel Talking MP3 Player

Talking Music Player, Recorder, and E-Book Reader
Item Number: 1040

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Product Features

  • Portable device plays music in all common audio formats.
  • Fully compatible with DAISY audio books, including those downloaded from Bookshare.
  • About the size of a cell phone, and weighs under 4 ounces.
  • Large, tactile buttons which are easy to feel.
  • Buttons feature tactile marks to distinguish them by touch.
  • Audible feedback for every function and feature, 100% accessible to the blind.
  • Uses some of the best synthetic speech you've ever heard.
  • Listen in headphones or on the built-in speaker.
  • Built-in memory holds 6 GB (2000 songs, or 100 hours of recording).
  • Supports standard SD memory cards up to 32 GB.
  • Recorder can use either internal or external microphone.
  • Built-in FM radio, Calculator, Compass, and key-lock function.
  • Has a talking clock, 5 daily alarms, and optional hourly report feature.
  • Features standard-sized USB and Headphone jacks.
  • Offers voice reminders.
  • Supports Internet Radio and Podcasts over WiFi.
  • Comes complete with USB cable and earphones.
  • Rugged, fashionable construction with shock-resistant housing.
  • Innovative and ground-breaking, versatile and affordable.

Product Description

The Baykel Talking MP3 Player is a revolution in design and engineering. Using real-sounding speech to guide you through the various menus, options, filenames and selections, every area of this player is entirely accessible to blind users. The button layout makes each feature extremely simple to operate, and each key is easy to feel and press by touch. The player is small, just over half an inch thick, and weighs in under 3 ounces. Take your jukebox, book reader, clock, recorder, compass, and calculator with you with one small, powerful device. It's packed with rich features, and equipped with some of the best synthetic speech you've ever heard.

Select the album you want to listen to for your afternoon walk. Pause to record a note for later, then listen to the radio on the way home. Curl up for a while with your favorite E-Book, then switch over to Recordings and play Mom's famous cookie recipe. Every song title, every menu option, and every page of your E-Book is spoken out loud. It's all possible thanks to one extraordinary device - The Baykel Talking MP3 Player.

The list of features offered by your new player is most impressive. The device boasts 6 gigabytes of internal storage, and supports SD memory cards five times that size. You can listen in headphones or on the built-in speaker, and a line-in jack is also present if you don't wish to use the onboard microphone. You can set as many Bookmarks as you like, anywhere from halfway through a song to a particular spot in an E-book. Daisy audible books are fully supported, complete with advanced navigation. Tools include FM radio, Calculator, Compass, voice reminders, and key-lock function. The talking clock speaks the time and date, complete with five daily alarms and an optional hourly report feature.

A file management menu lets you delete or move files, right from the player. The Digital Signal Processor allows you to customize your music with a configurable Equalizer and Sound Retrieval System. Voice recordings can be copied to your computer and played in any program. User-selectable Recording Formats include settings for Wav and MP3. A-B mode lets you repeat a chorus in a song or sentence in a recording. There are even play modes to shuffle or repeat tracks. Listen to podcasts or internet radio stations in real-time using the built-in wi-fi support.

This talking MP3 player is small, smaller than many of today's cell phones and less than four ounces in weight. It plays all standard music files, maintains your original file structure, has a built-in voice recorder, reads E-Books, and even boasts an FM radio. All these features are impressive, but the fact that every function talks makes this player worth its weight in gold. Digital music and E-Books have completely redefined modern-day entertainment. Come join the fun with one small device - boasting one powerful set of features!

The player is powered by an internal Lithium Ion battery. Please note that, while books from Bookshare are supported, this device will not play or NLS audio books.

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