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Versa Slate

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4 Lines, 20 Cells - Write Braille Without Paper
Item Number: 1269

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Product Features

  • 4 lines of 20 cells, includes stylus.
  • Paperless, mechanical design; don't waste paper when writing notes or learning Braille.
  • Fully erasable; write and rewrite as many as times as you like.
  • Valuable teaching aid; no need to line up paper, dots are easier to press.
  • Uses no batteries or paper; ideal for environmentally- or cost-conscious consumers.
  • Package Weight: about 7.3 ounces.

Product Description

An innovative way to practice braille or take down quick notes, the Versa Slate works like an ordinary slate and stylus - without paper. It features four lines, each with 20 cells. Using the built-in magnetic stylus, write braille as usual. Turn the slate over to read what you've written. Press any of the Reset buttons above each group of five cells to erase and start over, or gently press individual dots back into place with a fingertip.

For education, the Versa Slate is a big win. It's an excellent way to teach Braille as well as slate and stylus skills. Due to its paperless, erasable design, students can practice as much as they like without wasting reems of expensive Braille paper. Plus, there's no need to line up paper in the slate, and dots are pressed with less pressure than a traditional slate.

If you're a frequent traveler, the Versa Slate is a handy, convenient way to jot down quick notes and phone numbers. It's virtually silent, and thus is a discrete method of taking short notes in class or meetings. Or, keep a Versa Slate by the phone and never again get caught flat-footed without a method of taking a message.

Customers have long requested a device that can read and write braille without paper; thus this paperless slate and stylus fits the bill perfectly. The unit is self-contained, because the stylus clips into the side of the slate. Batteries not required; paper not required; use anytime, anywhere!

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