Jumbo Slate

Makes 4 Lines, 18 Cells of Jumbo Braille

Item Number: 1076
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Product Features

An excellent learning tool for beginners.
Features braille characters larger than standard Braille.
Made from aluminum; boasts jumbo Braille.
Features easy to read cells with dots that are further apart.
Easier to use with larger cell windows.
Has labeling tape slots to create Jumbo Braille labels.
Comes with a durable Classic Stylus.

Product Description:

Jumbo Braille is exactly that - regular Braille characters that are larger than normal. The thing is, many beginning readers find it hard to tell the standard-sized cells apart from each other, because it takes time to develop sensativity in the fingertips to recognize all those smallish dots.

So, here is an aluminum slate that writes 4 lines, 18 cells of larger, jumbo Braille characters. These cells are easier to read because the dots in each cell are farther apart. It's also easier to write with this slate because the cell windows are bigger - it's less difficult for beginners to position the stylus correctly. This slate also has labeling tape slots, meaning that you can use it to create Jumbo Braille labels for kitchen appliances or household items.

Remember though, Jumbo Braille is not widely used, and few (if any) books are produced in this bigger format. Braille is already much larger than print, so though this slate is an excellent learning tool, you will want to move on to using a standard-sized Braille slate after a short time.

Package Weight: about 2.5 ounces.

Now it's time to decide whether you want your new slate to have pins up or pins down.

Pins Up

Item Number: 1076-1

Very briefly, this is the usual style. The four pins that hold the paper in place are on the bottom of the slate, which is the way all our other slates are. This design makes it faster to move the slate down the page to continue writing. (If you're at all unsure which type to get, just go for Pins Up - it's the norm.)

Price: $9.95
Shipping: FREE

Pins Down

Item Number: 1076-2

This means the four pins that secure the sheet of paper are on the top of the slate. Many beginning Braille readers prefer this type of slate because it's easy to proofread and make corrections if necessary. Just flip the slate over, lift the top, and read what you've written. The pins will hold the paper steady while you read or correct mistakes.

Price: $9.95
Shipping: FREE

(From the Writing Braille shelf.)

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