With your favorite slate, it's important to have just the right stylus. As we already mentioned, each of our slates comes with a standard plastic stylus. For added comfort and practicality, however, you may want to skim through our selection of Styluses to find your favorite one.

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- Classic Stylus
Run-of-the-Mill Stylus Shipped with All Our Slates
Item Number: 1099
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- Wooden Stylus
Classic Stylus with an Old-Fashioned, Teak Handle
Item Number: 1100
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Well, it's no secret that the regular plastic stylus we offer with all our slates does the job, but it's kind of ... well ... basic. If you're looking for a stylus that will easily and smoothly punch out the Braille you're looking at writing, you may want to grab one of these new styluses. They have a tapered, stainless-steel tip, and the handles make the stylus comfortable to hold and faster to use.

Friendly reminder: these are just Braille-writing styli, so you do need a Slate as well in order to write Braille. Attempting to produce Braille with a stylus (but no slate) is like trying to paddle a canoe with no paddles!

- Knob Stylus
Large Head: Easy to Find, Easy to Hold
Item Number: 1101
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- Flat Stylus
No More Runaway Styli - Great for Travellers
Item Number: 1102
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- Saddle Stylus
Thicker Flat-Headed Model - Indent for Your Finger
Item Number: 1103
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- Safety Stylus
Just Tuck Sharp Point Away When Not in Use
Item Number: 1104
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