Travel Accessories

Want to stay organized? Need some help at the supermarket? The items in our Travel Accessories category will help you take notes, pay for groceries, and more. Everything you'll use while out and about is right here, such as a special wallet, signature guide, recording keychain, and money Brailler.

"One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks." - Jack Penn

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- Talking Memo Pen
Speaks the Time, Records a Memo, Writes Like a Pen
Item Number: 1029
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- Leather Organizer Wallet
Enough Pockets to Separate Bills, Change and Cards
Item Number: 1146
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- Pocket Money Brailler
Clips on Your Keychain, Marks Bills in Seconds
Item Number: 1148
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- Metal Signature Guide
Fits in Your Wallet, Helps You Sign Straight
Item Number: 1149
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- Personalized Signature Guide, 5-Count
Add Your Braille Message to this Plastic Template
Item Number: 1150
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- Braille Note-Taker
Minature Slate with Notebook and Cloth Pouch
Item Number: 1153
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- Braille Notepad
Extra Booklets for the Braille Note-Taker
Item Number: 1154
Available Types: Tear-Off, or Spiral Bound
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- Talking UFO Recorder
Use Your Voice to Retrieve Recorded Information
Item Number: 1152
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- Recording Flash Drive
Flick Switch to On, Record up to 70 Hours
Item Number: 1160
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- Recording Keychain
Remember Shopping Lists, Phone Numbers and More
Item Number: 1151
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- Digital Memo Magnet
Leave a Note on the Fridge with this Recording UFO
Item Number: 1384
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