Leather Organizer Wallet

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Enough Pockets to Separate Bills, Change and Cards

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Product Features

Ideal for blind or low vision shoppers.
Made of genuine, soft, high-grade leather.
Designed for both men and women.
Has four separate full-length compartments to separate bills.
Features 2 snap-shut compartments on the left for change and a larger one on the right.
Contains a fold-out card holder in center for 6 cards.
Even boasts a transparent photo-ID holder in the front.
Measures 4" square when folded.
There's nothing like this black leather wallet for organizing everything.

Product Description:

How many times have you pulled out your wallet at the check-out counter, only to discover you need to ask the cashier or a fellow shopper which bill is a twenty? How would you like to be able to organize your paper money, change, credit cards, checks, receipts, and anything else in such a way that you could find whatever you're after completely on your own - in a matter of seconds? Well, it sure sounds like you're in the same boat many of us were here - before we designed our leather money-organizer wallets - which are ideal for blind or low vision shoppers.

Made of genuine, soft, high-grade leather, this black, custom-made wallet is suitable for both men and women. When you open the attractive, folding wallet, you'll find four separate full-length compartments for paper money, making it easy to differentiate between $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. Furthermore, on the left are two snap-shut compartments for change, and On the right is another large snapped pocket for miscelaneous things like larger $50 or $100 bills, checks, receipts, a signature guide, or a slate and stylus. In the center of the wallet is a fold-out card organizer - which holds six credit cards or business cards. When folded, this wallet measures four inches square, and even boasts a transparent photo-ID holder in the front.

Package Weight: about 3.5 ounces.

(From the Travel Accessories shelf.)

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