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This best-selling collection of Braille books will capture the hearts of blind readers with its realism, romance, adventure and cast of beloved characters.

"Never give up hope, and if you can, find the courage to love again." - Danielle Steel.

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by Danielle Steel, 559 pages. India Taylor lived in a world of manicured lawns and neatly maintained calendars. With four wonderful children, India believed in commitment and sacrifice, just as she believed in Doug, the man she ma...
Item Number: 4114
$87.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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by Danielle Steel, 609 pages. Top TV anchorwoman Melanie Adams had given up on love after a failed marriage and an unhappy affair. With her two teenage children and her television news career, she had no room in her life for a man...
Item Number: 4115
$95.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Five Days in Paris
by Danielle Steel, 331 pages. As president of a major pharmaceutical empire, Peter Haskell has everything: power, position, a career and a family that means everything to him and for which he has sacrificed a great deal. Compromis...
Item Number: 4116
$51.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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by Danielle Steel, 505 pages. Bill Thigpen, writer/producer of the No. 1 daytime TV drama, was so busy watching his career soar that he never noticed his marriage collapse. Now, nine years later, living alone in Hollywood, even wi...
Item Number: 4117
$79.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Leap of Faith
by Danielle Steel, 227 pages. In her fifty-second best-selling novel, Danielle Steel weaves a compelling story of the power of lies, the misuse of trust - and of one woman's triumph over a devastating betrayal.

Marie-Ange Hawki...
Item Number: 4118
$35.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Lone Eagle
by Danielle Steel, 615 pages. "International best-selling author Danielle Steel sets most of her latest saga of star-crossed love during the uneasy time of World War II and the boom years that immediately followed. InLone Eagle...
Item Number: 4119
$96.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Mirror Image
by Danielle Steel, 717 pages. "If you're seeing double, it's because twin girls Olivia and Victoria Henderson have grown up practically as one person - although, truth be told, they're extremely different from each other. They loo...
Item Number: 4120
$112.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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by Danielle Steel, 487 pages. A violent crime brings together four lives in Danielle Steel's sixtieth best-selling novel, the story of a mother's courage, a family's terror, and a triumph of human strength and dignity in the face ...
Item Number: 4121
$76.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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by Danielle Steel, 669 pages. Young, innocent and strikingly beautiful Crystal Wyatt was an outcast, envied and resented by all but her devoted father, with whom she shared a deep love for their remote California ranch. When her f...
Item Number: 4122
$105.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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Sunset in St. Tropez
by Danielle Steel, 261 pages. In her fifty-fifth best-selling novel, Danielle Steel explores the seasons of an extraordinary friendship, weaving the story of three couples, lifelong friends, for whom a month's holiday in St. Trope...
Item Number: 4123
$40.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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The House on Hope Street
by Danielle Steel, 313 pages. It began like any other Christmas morning. But for Jack Sutherland, a five-minute errand ends in tragedy. And suddenly, Liz is alone, in the wake of an unbearable loss.

Powered by her children's lo...
Item Number: 4124
$49.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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by Danielle Steel, 607 pages. In Wings, bestselling novelist Danielle Steel tells the story of a young woman who fights the odds and becomes a world-renowned aviator. From a house on the edge of her family's dusty farmland ...
Item Number: 4125
$95.95 in Grade 2 Braille
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