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by Danielle Steel, 717 pages
Item Number: 5371

This book for the blind is offered in Original or Unified English Braille.What is Original Braille?What is Unified English Braille

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"If you're seeing double, it's because twin girls Olivia and Victoria Henderson have grown up practically as one person - although, truth be told, they're extremely different from each other. They look exactly alike, except for the odd marking here and there that only their beloved nanny, Bertie, notices, but in personality they are diametric opposites. Victoria is a suffragette, she smokes when she can, she teaches herself to drive - and that's saying a lot, since the novel is set right after the Titanic disaster. Olivia, on the other hand, is very domestic, serene, and not given to fits or flights of fancy. The twins have grown up, after the death of their mother, on a luxurious estate in Croton-on-Hudson with the tennis and leisure set, mingling with their neighbors (the Rockefellers!), and doting on their beloved father, who comes up on the weekends from his demanding but wealth-producing investments and steel-mill business in Manhattan. The girls have lived an idyllic existence, very sheltered from the world, but when they become young women, their lives change.

At this point, Edward Henderson is semi-retired, spending most of his time at the estate, but news comes from his attorney that he needs to attend to things back in the city for a short while. His attorney's young partner, Charles Dawson, visits the Henderson clan, and soon Olivia is smitten with him, without giving out any unladylike signals. Charles lost his wife to Titanic and now throws himself into his work, for the most part. Olivia finds him both sad and magnetic, but being the demure woman she is, she merely watches him; Victoria would've been more direct, but she has no interest in the young conservative attorney - she'd rather be off getting arrested with the other women at the suffragette rallies.

When their father has to relocate them temporarily, Victoria begins to get into all kinds of trouble, and eventually scandal ensues. She's met an absolute rascal of a lover, and she may be just about to ruin the family name with her carrying on. Nature takes its course, and Victoria finds herself pregnant with the child of this married man. To save her reputation, Charles agrees to marry her - but Victoria wants little of this. She was never meant to be tied down, and so she convinces her sister to do something that is completely against Olivia's nature." - The Barnes & Noble Review.

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