Unified English Braille

September 3, 2013

UEB is a new standard of Braille first introduced in Australia in 2009. It has spread rapidly, now adopted by several countries including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

We are pleased to announce that our entire collection of Braille Books are now available in Unified English Braille upon request. The price for an UEB book is the same as one requested in Grade 1 Braille, approximately 30% higher than that of the same book in standard Grade 2 contracted Braille. The cost difference is due to the larger size of the Braille book. Because UEB does not employ as many contractions as standard Grade 2 Braille, the resulting book is larger, and thus a little more expensive.

If you wish to order a book from us in Unified English Braille, please order the Grade 1 version offered on the website. This is accomplished by pulling down the "Format" box found just above the yellow "Add to Cart" button, and selecting "Grade 1 Braille". Then, mention in the "Comments" box on the Checkout page that you wish to receive the title in UEB, not Grade 1. We'll make it happen!