Braille Geometry Kit

7-Piece Classroom Set to Measure and Draw Angles

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Product Features

Contains a variety of tools to measure and mark angles.
Protractor and rulers are clearly marked with Braille.
Large board offers plenty of working space.
Each heavy-duty piece is sturdy and made to last.

Product Description:

Here is a great learning tool for blind students learning about geometry, mathematics or engineering. This deluxe Braille kit contains all the tools your student will need to measure lines and angles, lay out work in progress, and scribe angles and circles.

This kit includes:
11-1/2 by 9-3/4 workspace board with rubber mat,
a swing-arm protractor with angles marked in Braille,
a compass for drawing circles,
a spur wheel for drawing shapes,
a ruler with inches and centimeters marked in Braille,
two triangle shaped rulers with centimeters marked in Braille.

(From the Math and Measuring shelf.)